Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran - a Mid-Week Pick Me Up!

chris-hemsworths-wife-stood-in-for-natalie-portman-during-thor-kissing-scene (1)


The sunlight claps the earth, and the moonbeams kiss the sea: what are all these kissings worth, if thou kiss not me?” 
― Percy Bysshe Shelley

Ed Sheeran, an English singer song writer, became known to me about a year ago via VH1 top 20 videos. Yeah, I am an avid fan. Anyway, the song that was featured was “A Team” and most recently “Lego House” which I am NOT going to feature because you can find them on YouTube and frankly I am tired of them (i.e. they are just over played in my opinion).

Please know that there are two things that happen with me when I discover a NEW sound and singer 1.) I buy their album 2.) This always leads to discovering NEW music that is relatively unknown but just as marvelous as their popular counterparts. This is the very case concerning Ed Sheeran’s album self-titled “Ed Sheeran” which has two amazing songs that I am going to feature. The first one is titled “Kiss Me(2), it is sensual and full of NEW love nuances, which if you have not gotten this about me yet, is top on my list next waking up in the morning “Praising My God”.The second song that is passion but in a different way is titled “Give Me Love(3) and it is about “wishing for love to show up at your door step”. Boy, that’s personally relatable!

I just hope that you find as much pleasure as I do when I discover wonderful music that speaks to the soul and it is not popular for one reason or another. It’s like finding a diamond in the ruff; hmmm…remember I am a romantic poet and wouldn’t have it any other way!

besitos querido mio
Cheers Folks…And thank you for all your love and support….Diana
1.) Photogragh: chris-hemsworths-wife-stood-in-for-natalie-portman-during-thor-kissing-scen .
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