Saturday, June 8, 2013

MVP BOYS – Provocative and Definitely Goes Hard!

MVP Boys (2)
Cameron Hinton, my second son, has just published a collaborative rap video and let me say it is - Provocative and Definitely Goes Hard!

If your a Grown-Up….Check it out!

Toni Childs for that Friend in Your Life

I am going to dedicate the sultry sounds of Toni Childs - Next to You to my friend. I hope you enjoy this music as much as I do! Peace Diana

1. Photograph: Toni Childs
2. Video: Toni Childs - Next To You.

After Earth

I had the opportunity to check out “After Earth”, last night and left the theater entertained. Great job by Jaden Smith, he delivered emotion and believability to his role. The story line was a bit loose but it captivated my imagination anyway. I had a good time that said and if Sci-Fi action is what you’re looking, then definitely spend the money; however, I am not sure this movie is a solid recommendation from my palate. I know, it’s a typical Diana flip flop.

The truth is I was invited and I am not convinced I would shell out the money.

Peace Diana