Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let's Celebrate Linda Ronstadt "Blue Bayou"

Linda Ronstadt (1)
As promised, my second music post tonight is featuring Linda Ronstadt. I heard today on Diane Sawyer’s news program that she is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and cannot sing anymore.

I don’t know about you but that make me sad. I pray for her health and the song I am listing is one of her classics “Blue Bayou”(2). Please show her your love and share this post.

Have a great evening folks and thank you for all your love and support.

Peace Diana
1) Photograph:Linda Ronstadt.

Up & Coming Jada-Marie "I Care 4 You"

Jada-Marie (1)
I am going to introduce two music posts tonight. My first, this one, is to introduce a young beautiful up and coming R&B singer. You know how much I love to feature unknown songs and or artists. This young lady is not quite established. I am still trying to find out more background information on her. I can tell you the following and please let’s show a grand Google support effort and share my post to as many people possible.

Her stage name is Jada-Marie and the song I am featuring is titled “I Care 4 You (Tribute to Aaliyah from Jada-Marie)”(2). 

Her website is
Twitter is @jadamarieonline.

I picked this voice only video because it tells me two things, one, she has an amazing range and trill and two; she can sing classic R&B with true soul and sensuality. She does not have a professionally produced video yet, but looks like it won't be long.

Peace Diana
1.) Photograph: Jada-Marie.
2.) Video:I Care 4 You (Tribute to Aaliyah from Jada-Marie).