Friday, October 4, 2013

#Update! So please let’s SAVE TEXAS and Support @wendydavistexas #Texas #Governor

Wendy Davis and Dog - Lazy Circles (1)

Let’s Support Senator Wendy Davis for a Democratic Texas Governorship

On Thursday, October 3, 2013, Wendy Davis announced her intent on running in the Texas Gubernatorial Race as a democratic candidate.She will be running against the Texas Republican money machine AG Abbott.

My experience with AG Abbott is simple, I had a deadbeat baby daddy, which I filed on and the case went on for years and was allowed to reach a deficit of over $50k. Case in point, Maricopa County, in Arizona, goes after irresponsible fathers after $1,000 deficit. My question for Mr. Abbott is how can we trust you will represent Texans with jurisprudence when your department has to this date had an incompetent track record just bringing deadbeat dads to justice? I am just saying. 

Now that we have met the challenge and actually have a democratic challenger. The second problem needs to be address. This issue is borne by the national folk in the Democratic Party. They need to invest in resources and political capital supporting Wendy Davis’ candidacy. So I am going to challenge the Dem’s to invest and participate in the Texas Governor’s race and I ask, if you are a part the Democratic Party, that you demand this type of action as well. 

So please let’s SAVE TEXAS and Support @wendydavistexas #Texas #Governor #VOTEOUTREPUBLICANS

Peace Diana

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A Slow Friday Night Sound - "Arms of a Woman" by Amos Lees #Music #MUSICVIDEO

In the Arms of a Woman (1)
It’s Friday and my weekend is here, folks!!!  One of my favorite Friday evening activates, after the local High School Football game, is to run a steamy hot bubble bath, fill the room with lit candles, pouring a tall glass wine and put on some music, preferably something I have never heard before with soul, jazz and a little country. I just love taking in a new album or sound for the very first time in this manner. It’s soothing and peaceful. By the way another practice is to take a long drive to nowhere, just me, the music and the road. So where am I going with this and why?

I have been introduced to a NEW artist and his music by another G+ circle friend. Thank you all for your continued inspiration. I am a better person because of all the folks that interact with me daily on my Blog and for hearing this song, in particular!

A little background about the artist, I am featuring. He was born in Philadelphia, PA and his is more of a mixed bag genre which encompasses folk/country, rock and soul. His name is Amos Lee. He just sings to the very essences of my soul, hitting all the gaps and open spaces found within. I am just love’n this music and re-wind, re-wind. Okay, so go ahead pay the $0.99 and download it, I am…LOL!!!! Oh! The song, which was first released in 2005 is titled “Arms of a Woman(2).

I hope you enjoy the song and artist as much as I do and I pray you have a blessed and brilliant weekend as well!!

Peace Diana
2) Video: Arms of a Woman.