Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Last Love" #POETRY by Rusty Rimes w/Billy Paul's "When Love Is New" #MUSICVIDEO #DMS

New Love (1)
New love can heal lost loves, but it cannot make you forget.” 

Jennifer Megan Varnadore

My post today is featuring a phenomenal and talented poet, Rusty Rimes. So, let me share a little background on Rusty. He is from Oregon and has a Tagline: Lonely old romantic. Rusty introduces himself a "A lover of all things beautiful and inspiring, hater of all things cruel" and lists his Bragging rights: Shot, stabbed, driven off a cliff, and still here. Rusty’s website can be found at

Rusty captured my attention with his passionate poem titled “BEAT". Tonight it is my great honor and pleasure to present his newest poem titled “Last Love(2). To accompany this brilliant illustration of unhurried passion, I have added Billy Paul’s song titled “When Love is New(3)

Now folks, do me “A Real” and show Rusty all the love and support he deserves.

“Last Love”
By: Rusty Rimes

Eternal moment,
filled with anticipation,
our lips questing,
before they meet.

Heat washes over me
like warm summers rain,
desires ache
coursing through bodies.

thought impossible,
impassioned plea
for sweet release.

In that instant
before lips meet
this new love,
this last love.

Peace Diana
Mi pasiĆ³n por ti es nuevo y caliente querido mio

2) Poem: Last Love by Rusty Rimes
3) Video: When Love is New.