Wednesday, December 4, 2013

HUMP-DAY “Just the Way You Are” by Diana Krall, Billy Joel & Bruno Mars #MUSICVIDEOS

Lovers (1)

Wow Hump-Day, it has been a jaw dropping week and I am rolling downhill. My apologies for being absent, it’s just a busy time of the year for me are work. Office events, everyone has them. Some are hilarious and some just piss you off. Anyway, I am going to tell you about a true office story, that was hilarious and I am going to remove the "real" name to protect the innocent.

About fifteen years ago, I worked for a company that was located in downtown Dallas. The suite build-out was oddly designed with a winding stair case from the first floor to the second floor. Intentionally done this way in order to show care “ART” and the men and woman bath rooms were subsequently set up, one right next to the other. I say this because if you were not paying close attention you could easily end up in the wrong room. I was lucky because the men’s urinals would always tip me off, LMAO! Well, among the mired personalities, that worked in this office setting; there was this extremely tall, lanky General Councilman. We will call him Bob. He always seemed to walk around with his head in the clouds, literally. He had to have been over 6’5’’ on a wet day in this hell. One fine day, with the focus of taking care of some urgent business; I walk into the woman’s restroom and immediately saw this dudes head towering over the stall wall end-points. I was sure I had made a natural mistake and went into the wrong restroom. Extremely embarrassed, I quickly retrace my steps and low and behold I was in the right place. My urgency was becoming intense, so I did what any Texan with moxie would do. I walked in the restroom and called out “Bob are you almost done? I think you’re in the wrong restroom”. At this point several ladies had gathered and witnessed Bob’s quick exit. Poor, Bob had live down the ensuing three month scandal that kept the office in stiches and preoccupied and moral of the story is check out the “room labeling” before entering.

I need a slow jazzy groove tonight, to relax and live in the moment. My selection is Diana Krall’s Just the Way You Are(2). Now the history of this song is amazing, in truth. If you will recall the song was originally release in the 1970’s in a rock and roll/pop version by Billy Joel, subsequently released by Diana Krall in the 1990’s and most recently Bruno Mars. All of them hits in the own rights. So for fun, I am listing them all and you tell me what version is your favorite. The videos were uploaded on YouTube as follows:

a.)    Diana Krall Just the Way You Are –Oct 7, 2009 by DianaKrallVEVO
b.)    Billy Joel Just the Way You Are-Jul 30, 2013 by BillyJoelVEVO
c.)    Bruno Mars Just the Way You Are-Sep 8, 2010 by Bruno Mars

I hope you’re having a   wonderful evening or morning, keep safe and well and yes I couldn't make up my mind.

Always love and peace Diana

1.      Photograph: Lovers.
2.      Video: Diana Krall- Just the Way You Are.
3.      Video: Billy Joel- Just the Way You Are.
4.      Video: Bruno Mars- Just the Way You Are.