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"Personal Happiness" #OPINION & Rihanna’s “We All Want Love" #MUSICVIDEO


Personal Happiness
A famous philosopher once stated that “Happiness is the settling of the soul into its most appropriate spot.” –Aristotle. This said, what is the definition of your personal happiness? I see so many posts that prescribe the achievement of personal happiness via specific actionable items. They focus on aspects, bits and pieces or negativities that affect us personally and that hang over our heads like rain clouds. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to “find” that everlasting love of your life, or when you look in the mirror, “seeing” yourself 30 to 40 pounds lighter? My personal favorite is “quitting” the bad habits, smoking, drinking, eating (yes eating) and even the job that presumably provides no personal growth and/or eludes participation in that infamous equation referencing specifics in “career growth” except for delivering a pay check. Just my opinion, but everything is relative in the approach to understanding your personal happiness barometer.

At a much younger age, I felt the same way as the posted prescriptions and tried to change specific circumstances that were affecting my mood, or at least this was what I thought at the time (i.e. Get a divorce, lose weight, make more money, find someone that gets me, own a fancy car) on and on for eons; however looking back I surmise that except “quitting” unhealthy habits the action had short term affect and pretty soon I was unhappy again. Because the problem is not in specifics and I do not quarrel with addressing issues; however what really matters long term is in our overall outlook on life, what it has to offer us as individuals and how we embrace a balance between the positive and negative in living, at least it is for me.

So am I really unhappy, happy or am I just wrapped up in chasing specifics? Let’s take a look at that.

Childhood:         I lived in paradise with two amazing parents. Not perfect; however not bad! The privilege of being raised within two different cultures and countries gave me experiences and enriched my perspective towards diversity, culture and the ability to think introspectively beyond my dreams. This is the central core of who I am as a person, today.
Teenage Years: My parents didn’t know what to do with this phase in my life so they sent me to boarding school. Did this affect specific’s in future happiness? No! I was a wild hair at home and continued this behavior in boarding school lol!. Do I regret it? No! This taught me to take risks, to be brave, adventurous and think outside of safe parameters.
Marriages:          Like everyone, I have had a few disappointments. Could it have been better? Were there bad choices involved? Hell yes! However there is a positive side to all events that challenge our emotional and or physical state of being. You have to look for them individually and collectively. In this case, it is my children and the personal growth as a woman. I use to be of the opinion that I was nothing without a man by my side now I believe a man can certainly enhance my life but he can never define it!
Education:          Higher education was never given to me. I chose to put myself through school and it was a suffering. I was married, raising children and working; but I never quit. I am proud of this accomplishment and no one can take this away. Oh yes there were those days, failures, walking away would have been the easiest thing to do but that is not how I am wired. So, I have learned that a difficult path is easiest followed day by day and before you know it your on top of that formidable mountain.
Friendships:       I have been blessed with love and friendship from others. Some have been with me for a lifetime, some for less time and other have come and gone. They have impacted my life in positive ways, at least that is my definition and even those that have hurt me deeply, I can honestly say that I grew from the experience, forgave the pain and loved the moment they entered my life and was sad when they left. I would not change this aspect in my journey regardless of its eventual outcome. This experience has given me strength, character, resolve and taught me that it’s in the experiences and their complex internal and/or external resolution that ultimately define the people we become.
Jobs:                    I have had six jobs, yes the number “six” in my life from waiting tables to running a national department with enormous responsibilities. I don’t quit easily and looking back they all gave me something that I was missing (personal and career growth), a paycheck and a better lifestyle. One thing I did learn along the way is that “time” should be spent living (we only get one life) and that in combination with “lifestyle” it should afford us a “balance” that procures one’s overall contentment and or happiness.

Am I happy with whom I am? Absolutely! Should I seek that higher plain in personal fulfillment? Believe it or not that is exactly what I have been doing, blogging, writing, taking pictures, growing as an individual, taking step towards getting my CPA, publishing my poetry and having the freedom to do whatever needs to be done to accomplish these goals. Am I specifically happy? Not about everything but honestly I think this is normal. Each one of us has those deficiencies and/or burdens that single handedly nag and try to take our joy away. It’s never going to be perfect, and stickily based on opinion, happiness is learning to live, grow and interphase within your environment and personal dimensions with equity and humility, keeping it simple and knowing tomorrow is a gift that is not a given. Everyone’s equation is different and the rest is noise!

Rihanna’s “We All Want Love"(2) via special request and accompanying my opinion piece about "Personal Happiness". The video was uploaded on YOUTUBE, Nov 18, 2011 by RihannaVEVO.

Thank you for your continued support. I pray you are having a blessed weekend.

Peace and Love Always Diana

1.)   Photograph: rihanna-talk-that-talk-tracklisting-13.
2.)   Video: We All Want Love.
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