Thursday, March 13, 2014

Blog Hopping Along

I am picking up the Blog Hop from a talented lady, poet, writer, photographer and licensed conveyancer from down under, Yolanda Isabel Regueira Marin. I really cannot pin point the date of our introduction but it was on G+.

Yolanda is a brilliant, artistic and beautiful lady inside and out. She is supportive and caring with her friends and communities. I consider her one of my true friends and a personal inspiration. Her blog is filled with beautifully written poetry, prose, music and photography. I would say her style is simple but poignant. The blog is a testament to her giving personality and creative gift.  

You can find it,, and I love it's organization (i.e. it's set up with pages at the header level) which facilitates access to your area of interested such as poetry, prose, short stories, interviews, photography, travels and so much more.  I encourage everyone to please take a few minutes to check out her blog, join as a member, I did. This way you will always be informed of new posts.

***With all the wonderful professional writers I list below, please join their sites as well***

These are the rules conveyed to me about Blog-Hopping:
1/ I must answer the four questions below.
2/ I must link back to the person who invited me to this Blog Hop.
3/ I must name four writers who will continue this Blog Hop and notify them.

 Here goes ...

1) What are you working on?
I am working on two guest presentations (Poetry and Art), a couple of “Getaways” and then there is always a music premiere in the works.

2) How does your work differ from others in the genre?
Not real sure how my writing compares with other writers; however I write based on emotion and inspiration that touches me. My style, well I love words and like to write poetry and/or pieces that make you think and find their connection to the heart or soul. I had a professor in college tell a student lost on a complicated poem, Poe I believe, you must “get inside the poem”. I have taken this discussion to heart and love poetry that has a hidden meaning, one that needs to be read slowly and analyzed to discover the author’s purpose.

3) Why do you write what you write?
Writing is my outlet for communication. I am disabled and struggle expressing myself without being misunderstood; with poetry, writing, music and photography, the world can see me for who I am inside.

4) How does your writing process work?
I am touched by inspiration via interactions within my daily life and start to write. My topics align with love, passion, pain, sensuality, beauty and opinion. I don’t like to write about death however do venture into the realm of dark emotions and anger. I think about the task for days, research what needs to be researched and then slowly start to write. Dyslexia inhibits me and writing/reading are an arduous process, I find myself re-reading my work many times and still miss somethingJ.  

Look for the Blog Hop to continue next week at these sites:

Bekkie Sanchez is a talented poet, fun and very supportive friend. She and I are in discussions towards collaborating on a poetry book. She is the owner of Groovy Graveyards a Google + public community. I am acquainted with Bekkie’s darker poems which are brilliant, emotional and a provocative read. Check out her Blog and community if you get a chance.

Rusty Rimes is an amazing poet and friend with a genre of love, passion and heartbreak. He can write a poem on the flip of a dime.  I would say the Rusty was one of the first poets featured on my Blog and I have had the pleasure of getting to know him all this time. His blog is filled with brilliant poetry, in a simple easy style with a vocal format. His most recent seductive and sizzling hot book is titled Night Dreams”.  Check out his blog you will not regret it.

DiAnne Anderson a beautiful marvelous poet, writer and friend with an amazing blog titled “Stormy”. She writes from her heart and has been doing so since childhood. I recently became acquainted with DiAnne via Rusty’s posts and featured her as a guest on my blog. Take a look at her blog, it is set up beautifully.

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