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Hot Springs, Arkansas #WEEKEND #GETAWAY

 Arlington Resort Hotel © copywrite by DMS Photography(2)
Downtown © copywrite by DMS Photography(1)
Hot sping© copywrite by DMS Photography(3)
On Friday, February 2/28/2014, I took a weekend trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Driving it is about a four to five hour trip from Richardson, Texas, just don’t get lost like I did. The main purpose of this travel was to enjoy their famous spa facilities and take some photographs in the mountains. So, I made reservations with the Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa, a downtown historic hotel, which was built in 1875. It had amazing customer service; old time elevators with the circle on the top and of course their own spa facilities which were fabulous.
The historical downtown district was in walking distance from the hotel and so was the hot spring coming out of the ground.(1)
Downtown© copywrite by DMS Photography(4)

A little background and history on Hot Springs, it is the eight largest city in Arkansas. The drive to this place takes you deep within the Ouachita Mountains on a winding two lane highway (#7) surrounded by pine trees.
Mountain view © copywrite by DMS Photography (5)
It is an amazing picturesque drive, worth every moment and reminds me of the Sierra Gordas highway from San Luis Potosi to Conca, Queretaro, loved loved that drive. Hot Springs, not only has a historical downtown district and the hot springs coming out of the ground, there is, also, the charming Garvan Gardens overseen by the University of Arkansas and a scenic mountain tour. I made sure to check out every one of these places. More tidbits, it is the location to a Major League Baseball spring training camp, with a rich history in illegal gambling, speakeasies and gangsters hideaways for people like Al Capone, there is horse racing at Oaklawn Park, the Army and Navy Hospital, and 42nd President Bill Clinton.(2).

The spa is reasonably priced and
Garvan Gardens© copywrite by DMS Photography (6)
highly recommended. Oh an interesting postscript! On my trip back, I 
missed by only hours an ICE storm that shut the region down for two days. It was pure luck that it didn’t catch me on the freeway. Please note, unless otherwise referenced, all the photography presented is via DMS Photography ~ all rights reserved © copywriter (2).

Thank you for your continued support of this blog and I pray you have a blessed evening or morning.
Friends made© copywrite by DMS Photography (7)

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