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Spring Collection by My Featured Guest - Distinguished Painter Gerald Marsland & "The Painter" #PAINTING #ART #POETRY #DianaMarySharpton

"Misty Sunrise, Oulton Broad" (1)
Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” 
Leonardo da Vinci

Good afternoon! It has been a minute since the last post, maybe two (LOL!) and a much longer time frame since I had a painter as a featured guest. This afternoon’s guest is a gentleman from Norfolk, England and a brilliant award winning painter. Gerald Marsland is a self-taught traditionalist. His genre is landscape/seascape painting which incorporates elements like climate, light, shadow, emotion and fluidity having components of impressionism, romanticism and realism.

"The River Wyr at Bakewell" (2)
‘Best Painting’ – Eastern Open 2004
‘Most Popular Picture’ – Eastern Open 2005
‘Most Popular Painting’ – South Holland Open 2010

Words directly from Gerald Marsland:
“As a painter of landscapes and seascapes, I try to raise people’s awareness of the natural beauty that surrounds us. With awareness comes care. The more people care about their surroundings; the world will be a better place. I try not to just reproduce what I see, but try to paint the feeling, the emotion and the atmosphere of the scene something a photographer cannot portray”.
Gerald Marsland (3)

My thoughts:
I met Gerald and his beautiful partner, Susannah Hutchinson (writer and chief), on Facebook and consider them both dear friends. His work is stunning and it captures the most intricate details like temperature, atmosphere and weather. I wrote a poem titled “The Painter” in an effort to visualize my friends’ painting process. Bear in mind that when I originally wrote this poem, it was at the beginning of fall and this presentation is about Gerald’s spring painting collection, the process is all the same just a bit warmer now!

"The River Duddon, near Seathwaite, Cumbria"(4)
The Painter
Its fall, already chilly, at a season’s bequest,
Exhalation radiates steam, alike a wintery breath.
A saving grace there’s little or no breeze,
That’ll nip at one’s hands, face and knees.

I love the innocuous disposition of this natural pest.
It allows solitude and meandering peacefulness.

Not blistering as a summer solstice’s diurnal,
Or unkind alike a shrubland biome’s wintery infernal.

I coin images, depictions in paint, an inward aim and persistent try.
It’s the flurry, brilliance or even silence captured by one’s eye.
Sound envelops in echoes, time pauses as a deep gasp ventilates,
Music transfixes a relaxed mind, yet fades quietly and capitulates.

Regardless, of what weather transcends in the open-air,
Work continues marked by secret delight and intrinsic flare.
So at last, the task that has made it to a final conclusion,
It depicts interpretation of my own personal illusion.
© copywriter by Diana Mary Sharpton

"The River Avon at Stratford-upon-Avon (Holy Trinity Church)"(5)

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Gerald Marsland:

Thank you for your continued support. I pray you have all the blessings, love, happiness, health and wealth that life can possibly provide.

Peace and Love Always Diana

1.) "Misty Sunrise, Oulton Broad".
2.) "The River Wyr at Bakewell".
3.) Gerald Marsland.
4.) "The River Duddon, near Seathwaite, Cumbria".
5.) "The River Avon at Stratford-upon-Avon (Holy Trinity Church)".
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