Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Where’s the Coffee? #Poetry #Coffee #DayOff

Coffee and paper in bed! by Melissa Mercier (1)

Where’s the Coffee?
by Diana Mary Sharpton

Its cozy here on this king size bed,
Oh man! Getting up is something I dread.
Roll over; wrap me in your arms, so tight,
The callings of this day, I want to fight.

Your affection intoxicates me even more,
So, I resist putting my feet on that icy floor.
The alarm reminds me for the second time,
Five minutes; kiss me, a taste akin to peppermint and lime.

I am warmed by touch quickening the blood flow,
Perhaps a sick day would lessen this arduous blow,
And we could be free to play or do whatever comes to mind.
Snooze barks: Where’s the coffee? Pressure for an excuse, I can’t find.

Sitting, I give-up this morning’s delightful whim,
Resigned to duty towards a day that must begin.
My hand explores your body one more time,
And we make a date to meet this afternoon by five.

© copywrite by Diana Mary Sharpton

1.) Photography: Coffee and paper in bed! by Melissa Mercier.

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