Friday, April 4, 2014


Driving Off into the Sunset by Cindi Smith (1)

The Car Door
It was a dark morning, over cast; you’ve seen it before,
Ominous, chilly but still walked to open the car door.
Coffee is around the corner, oh thank goodness, for that!
Still felt unsettled, lost but found recompense, in a gentle fact.
So many worries, keep creeping in and out this soul,
Fighting that nature; ignoring the uncontrolled.
There are those wishes and fanciful yearnings,
And bills that drive you to that same place every morning.
Yet, today was different and won’t speak on why,
Planning, analyzing and time well spent, flew by,
It was joyful and helped shrug that doubtful mood,
All this time running, hiding from all that this heart already knew.
Walking a path given and not worrying about what may happen wrong,
Not arrogance or with false pride, just the point you hung on all this time alone.

© copywrite by Diana Mary Sharpton

Thank you for your continued support and I hope you have a blessed and marvelous weekend.

1.) Photograph: Driving Off into the Sunset by Cindi Smith.
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