Friday, April 4, 2014

The Escape Club's “Wild Wild West #MUSICVIDEO

Wild Wild West (1)

Tonight I am featuring a group from London, England that goes by the public name The Escape Club. Their music has an Alternative, Pop music genre and the song being featured was one of their 1988 hit’s titled Wild Wild West(2). Their album titled “Wild Wild West”, released Atlantic Records in 1988, hit Gold in the US. The video is creative and fun, a great “Hump Day” selection and it was uploaded to YouTube on Oct 2, 2006 by trevor steel.

I little bit a background on the group they have a website  and according to the new section they release a new album titled “Celeberty” in Feb 07, 2012 with a Rock, Music, Pop, Pop/Rock, Dance genre according to iTunes. 10.

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Peace and Love Always Diana

1.)   Photograph: Wild Wild West .
2.)   Video: Wild Wild West
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