Friday, May 2, 2014

"Lions Hold" #Freeverse #Poetry

A Lion's Hold

Lions Hold
I am paralyzed, lost in a daze; without air to breathe,
It’s poison veiled in stings behind a thousand bees,
And I can’t reason; daydreams noisily capture my mind,
I missed that turn for the second and third on "Vine",
And... there are,
Moments, I want to curl up in my head,
To savor last night’s tenderness, your wet lips lead,
And recall our body’s intense fire,
That has me out of control with desire,
And... yes,
It’s only you, I see and  need.
With that masculinity that frightens and excites me,
And it’s your smell that makes me weak and wet inside,
And the salty taste of sweat as it rolls down your backside,
And... so, 
Here I stand in front of you once again,
Fixated on that "good loving" you give,
And... Oh! Yes!
Please believe…
It’s akin to a lions hold; this thing between you and me.

Diana Mary Sharpton (c) 2014
1.) Photography.
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