Saturday, June 21, 2014


I have been at a loss for words for days on end, not really sure of what to say and yet today my truth became clear.

My Truth

You say you saw me first; a lifetime ago, it seems,
Yet I know the hour of the day you walked into my dreams.
Demanding respect for this lady’s point of view,
It was this moment my soul was captured by you.

It was as if God had finally handed me affection,
and those specs; they vanished without hesitation,
and to this day; I can never begin to explain why,
all I know is you're the dearest thing in my life.

You’re the wind that blew breathe into this broken heart,
and the moon that always lights my way in the dark,
and the sunrise that starts a fabulous day,
and the sunset where your tender kisses equate.

So let me say...
If I had one ounce of blood left; your life deserved,
I’d give this to you without thought or reserve,
and if you needed to move heaven and earth; I could,
because every piece of me, loves every bit you; I hope it’s understood.

Diana Mary Sharpton © 2014 ~ All Rights Reserved

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