Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Sightless Eyes

I walk in obscurity; as affection guides,
among agnostics in the quarry holding up signs.
A path laden in sharp stones; my bleeding feet find,
and wind impediments howl to this virtual climb.

There’s no confusion in the direction I take,
It’s the darkness; an unsure balance which forsakes.
So, I drop to my knees; beginning a mitigating crawl,
a journey determined not to be forestalled.

Time in between…
Your soul gently enters leading mine,
soothing the depths in my sightless eyes.
And illuminates the trail; this heart leads,
loosing unhappiness facing all it's dirty deeds.

From my knees, your hand helps me rise.
Walking: towards a brilliant golden sunrise.
Be reassured darling this heart is yours,
filled with unobstructed love which you deserve.

Diana Mary Sharpton © 2014 ~ All Rights Reserved

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