Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Humpday's “Hold On” by Colbie Caillat #BrandNew #MusicVideo

Colbie Caillat (1)
Brand new VEVO video premier by Colbie Caillat! Her music is considered a “POP” genre. The song is titled “Hold On(2). It was uploaded on YOUTUBE video was uploaded on Jan 15, 2014 by ColbieCaillatVEVO.

Thank you for your continued support. I pray you are having a blessed evening or morning.

Peace and Love Always Diana

1.)   Photograph: Colbie Caillat.
2.)   Video: Hold On.

"Hot Nights" #Poetry by Rusty Rimes with Rod Stewart’s "Tonight is the Night" #MUSICVIDEO

The Lovers (1)
My post today is featuring a phenomenal and talented poet, Rusty Rimes. He can write with tenderness and then slam it down like the poetry featured below. Yeah it is hot!

So, let me share a little background on Rusty. He is from Oregon and has a Tagline: Lonely old romantic. Rusty introduces himself a "lover of all things beautiful and inspiring, hater of all things cruel" and lists his Bragging rights: Shot, stabbed, driven off a cliff, and still here. If you like what you are reading below, buy his book titled “Night Dreams”. The link to Amazon is referenced.

Public Information:
“Night Dreams” Erotic poetry-Rusty Rimes US $5.99 Amazon Link:        

Tonight it is my great honor and pleasure to present his newest poem titled “Hot Nights. To accompany this brilliant illustration of unhurried passion, I have added Rod Stewart’s song titled “Tonight is the Night”(2), which was uploaded on YouTube Oct 29, 2009 by RhinoEntertainment

Now folks, do me “A Real” and show Rusty all the love and support he deserves.

Hot Nights
By Rusty Rimes

Come with me to bed love
and join with me in play
to garner some enjoyment
at the ending of this day.

Let me climb inside you
to feel that precious squeeze
of warm and juicy comfort
which lays between your knees.

Wrap your legs around me
lock them firm and tight
grind yourself on to it
and rock me through the night.

Roll me on my back
and ride me hard my queen
till I fill your cup
with all my lovers cream.

Peace and love always Diana
1.)   Photograph: The Lovers.
2.)   Video: Tonight is the Night.