Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday evening and I need to PUT “The Lime In The Coconut - Harry Nilsson” #MUSICVIDEO

It’s Thursday evening, my Friday and I reaching for “The Lime In The Coconut - Harry Nilsson”. A classic Rock genre and I love lime with everything LMAO! Have mercy on my soul and this belly ache!!!! It is all just perfect and right! The video was uploaded on YOUTUBE, Sep 1, 2008 by Patrick Demarchelier  

Thank you for your continued support. I pray you are having a blessed evening or morning.
Peace and Love Always Diana

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2.)      Video: The Lime In The Coconut - Harry Nilsson.


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Time has no dominion over love. Love is the one thing that transcends time. (Bones)”― Jeaniene Frost, One Foot in the Grave.

The photography is a brilliant sunset titled "Sunset Flight" by Stuart Media Services and it is the inspiration to this poem titled "The Edge of Nowhere". To me, this photograph captures "time" beautifully. It is this instance, this moment, evoking emotions in surreal euphoria, as if the world were far below your feet. It's the quiet, sometimes stormy place, where spirits and their love reside.

The Edge of Nowhere

Standing on the edge of nowhere without acclaim,
watching light crawl past dusk; an assaults’ claim,
emotionless, faceless, without thoughts, just a sphere,
wind, wraps the body, pressing limbs; fostering fear.

I drink the suns’ warmth as it climbs down in evening hues,
stretching arms, parallel, tip to tip; minding, as loons flew,
a storm moves quickly across the abyss to where I reside,
then it hits my mind; almost toppling me over to one side.

I reach, grabbing dark clouds above; its balance they send,
and your hands steady my hold; as love quietly transcends.

Diana Mary Sharpton © 2014 ~ All Rights Reserved

1.) Photography: © copyright 2014, Stuart Media Services, All Rights Reserved