Friday, December 19, 2014

Morning Hues #POETRY #LOVE #HONESTY #dianamarysharpton w/Bread Make It With You Lyrics #MUSICVIDEO

A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.” ~ Honore de Balzac

Morning Hues

Morning hues: reflections that bounce,
on horizons in orange and gold pronounced,
as time pauses the clock in your exultation,
and a soul speaks to my heart in anticipation.
Is this a lie?
Or is truth only spoken out loud and why?

Yet if you were in me as I am in you,
is candor readily accepted amid us two?
and are words that you and I share,
unspoken winds that actually fare?
Tell me, do you genuinely care?
Is your truth intrinsic as mine’s to dare?

I fight to believe in the unknown,
and walk blind stumbling on stones,
but unlike you, I see into your soul,
therefore words unspoken are told.
Is this a lie?
Or is truth only spoken out loud and why?

To say “I love you” among, all standing men,
would be the final testament; a soul appends,
as a certainty down to the marrow in bone,
facts that only a heart and soul have known.
Are your whispers of love purely physical?
Or is your soul entering mine a truth in love that’s also spiritual?

Diana Mary Sharpton ~ ©All Rights Reserve 2014

The music video that I have selected to accompany this poem is titled Bread Make It With You Lyricsand it was uploaded on YOUTUBE, Nov 22, 2008 by clovermaria.

Peace and Love Always, Diana

1.   Photography: Sun rise by Diana Mary Sharpton Photography ~ ©All Rights Reserve 2014
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