Sunday, March 29, 2015


Sunbathing in the Nude
Well in two months, it'd be sunbathing time. That made me smile. I enjoyed lying in the sun in a little bikini, timing myself carefully so I didn't burn. I loved the smell of coconut oil. And I don't want to hear any lectures about how bad tanning is for you. That's my vice. Everybody gets one.” ~ Charlaine HarrisDead as a Doornail

I understand this quote. It is all about coconut oil... No recommendations this time... smile.

Not much going on a Saturday evening, listening to music, sipping a little wine and thinking about my marvelous day. Maybe I will go back tomorrow morning to catch the sunrise. I finally did figure out this computer. That said, I feeling this song tonight, it is a favorite especially on this particular Saturday night. It is sung by the amazing Redbone and is titled “Come and Get your love”. Come on sugar look up the lyrics... It's all about love or passion or lust or sex... or all the above.

This song is a Rock and Roll genre. Remember music is a language and these are my thoughts tonight...

I hope you like this selection and have a blessed evening or morning. Thank you for your continued support.

Peace and Love always 

Diana Mary Sharpton

1. Photography: "Sunbathing inthe Nude" Diana Mary Sharpton Photography © 2015 all rights reserved
2. Video: Redbone - Come And Get Your Love: