Monday, March 20, 2017

Bob Seger - Shame On The Moon #loveforaMan #talketoMe #musicvideo #DianaMarySharpton


I can feel this man in every part of my body and he has not even touched me.”~ Lisa Renee Jones

It has been one of those days, weeks and even months but I think everything is going to be okay. I prayed for a miracle and looks like I had received a couple so far... One more! Your supposed to get three, right?

Thinking about June 2015:
All I can say is that every moment, every second, I experienced on my vacation was worth it and I would do it all over again. Living is about finding that joy and sometimes you have to take a risk to find out what is important. Once in a life time events are not planned they are opportunities that come along. You have to hop on the train or you will be left at the station. LOL

The song that I am going to feature this evening is titled “Shame On The Moon(2) and it's sung by the amazing Bob Seger. His genre is Country & Rock and Roll. It's a brilliant song, the B-side of "House Behind the House"a single released in December 14, 1982. It was subsequently covered by Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, as the lead single from their 1982 album  titled "The Distance". Oh yes some “Old School” baby! The video was uploaded on Sep 24, 2016 to YouTube by Joe Blevins.

I listed the lyrics because they are wonderful as well…

"Shame On The Moon"(3)
Until you've been beside a man
You don't know what he wants
You don't know if he cries at night
You don't know if he don't
When nothin comes easy
Old nightmares are real
Until you' ve been beside a man
You don't know how he feels

Once inside a woman's heart
A man must keep his head
Heaven opens up the door
Where angels fear to tread
Some men go crazy
Some men go slow
Some men go just where they want
Some men never go

Oh blame it on midnight
Ooh shame on the moon

Everywhere it's all around
Comfort in a crowd
Strangers faces all around
Laughin right out loud
Hey watch where your goin
Step light on old toes
Cause until you've been beside a man
You don't know who he knows

Oh blame it on midnight
Ooh shame on the moon
Oh blame it on midnight
Ooh shame on the moon

Peace and Love always ~ D
your all up in here with me... darling... I hope your feeling me..

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