Friday, April 19, 2013

His “Pick-Up” Line #OPINION

Body Language by Paulu (1)
After a long extensive workout, I decided to indulge in a cranberry refreshment at a local RAZZOO’s, yes in my workout attire, on a Thursday, I still looked good! I was approached by a gentleman in his early 50’s from middle-eastern lineage. He introduced himself only as “Jimmy” and he just wanted to talk. He offered to buy my drink. I was receptive to this request and he proceeded to tell me he was an initially from Pakistani and very married. I didn’t say anything and continued to listen. The surprising point to this comment was his “pick-up” line. He wanted to point out and for me to recognize that, American woman, are very unhappy creatures. Was I one? Why…the reasons being that they have emasculated the American man with the assistance of the American Government. Keeping my composure, I continued to try to understand where this was all going, at last, he makes the argument that it was the nature of man to seek out and engage in masculine activities (if you catch my drift) regardless of their marital status and that women would be happier if they understood this concept and embraced it….Wow! 

I have never been handed a line crap like this. He continued to develop his philosophy by making claim that families would remain intact, children would be raised by the initial parents and America would be a better place…My curiosity “made me do it” and I asked why in his culture women were required to cover up in Burkas and he said this was their choice…Well apparently, all cultures have their excuse as to the acceptability of cheating behavior…As a distant observant, and only based on personal opinion developed herein, it looks like some governments do engage in the policing of “Morality”….All I can say is HMMMMM….

Peace on a Thrusday...

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1. Photograph: Body Language by Paulu.

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