Friday, April 19, 2013

How women see themselves vs. How others See Them #OPINION

How women see themselves vs. How others see them
A colleague from the University of Texas at Dallas, John McCaa, who also works for  Channel 8 News, sent out this amazing video post-titled “Forensic artist draws how women see themselves vs. how others see them’(1). The video link is listed below. Please check it out it! It is just amazing!!      

So I asked the question-How Other’s See Me?:
My Sister-in-Law: Very strong willed woman, dedicated mother, hard worker, little self-involved, does not reach out enough to brothers in Dallas.
My Daughter-in-Law: You’re a really caring, loving and compassionate person about life, acts a lot older than you are and needs to be more social.
Girlfriend #1: Envious of how tall you are and in awe on how very well educated you became. I see you as a person that I always have been able to get along with. Very level headed.
Girlfriend #2: Fun, loving, caring person with much determination to be successful at everything you do. You also show compassion towards others and you worries too much about weight and appearance.

Well in conclusion:  The people I interviewed see me as a mother, a hard working woman with determination and focused on being successful with most everything I touch, someone that is caring and compassionate about others and life in general. Tall, well-educated and very level headed with strong interpersonal skills. That I am someone who obsess of weight, age and appearance to the point where the perceptions is that I act older then my age and need to socialize more. That I am a tad bit self-involve and do not reach out to family and friends as much as I should.

How I See Myself:
Thick lips, large sultry eyes, very voluptuous and sensual, in walk, appearance, choice of clothing…ect..Small noise, large ears, thinning hair, good chin, neck has a little too much loose skin. I think I am thick but curvy. I am stubborn, analytical; I am dedicated to all the things I have developed a passion for. I see myself as a humanitarian that maintains a limited interaction (at times) with some people in particular and purposefully. I love all music, poetry, exercise, fun, good food and quiet moments. So, yes the answer is that we, as women see ourselves totally different (negative and positive connotations) from how we are perceived by other women.

 Peace Diana

(c) Copywrite by Diana Mary Sharpton
1. Video: How women see themselves vs. How others See Them.

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