Friday, April 19, 2013

Uncut: The Deanna Cook 911 tapes and getting your attention-WFAA #OPINION

Deanna Cook (1)
Deanna Cook's was brutally murdered by her ex-husband after failed attempts to get help through 911(2). 

She was a beautiful young woman, from all appearances, and had every right to live a long happy life, as we all do. We as a community need to understand what can be done to prevent this type of violence. In my opinion, yes we need to “LISTEN and ACT” to all calls for HELP, however, it would seem, that the root speaks to how children are raised and the responsibility that we as a community have in ensuring that they not only have healthy, happy, positive environments but receive nurture.

Unfortunately, most of the time, getting or being involved at this level can be perceived as an invasion of privacy. So what can you do to correct, teach or just communicate to young mothers and fathers on the most important features to raising healthy, happy rational personalities? How do we treat children with personality, social and/or mental deficits without stigmatizing, isolating and/or labeling? And finally, to ask for help? It is all very sad to me.

We are all so busy and have little time to get to know our elderly parents or even neighbors much less try to help and understand a stranger or a young family that is imploding. Would it be the right time to consider others and even our communities as important as self? It is for me...

Peace Diana
(c) Copywrite by Diana Mary Sharpton

1. Photography: Deanna Cook.

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