Friday, May 17, 2013

A Sixty-Five Year Relationship – What testament to success!

Older Couple in Love (1)
I took off work early today and planned on taking some time out to swim at the gym. After putting in my laps, I decided to sweat it out in the “WET” sauna. Well, there were various individuals already settled in and my attention got caught up with a little elderly couple, which I would guess was probably in their late seventies.

They moaned with pleasure as the wet heat enveloped their bodies and it appeared as if they were in their own world. My curiosity was more than I could contain, so I intruded and asked them “What was the secret to their successful relationship? Well the lady immediately claimed they had been married sixty three years, had three children and various grandchildren. She complained that they didn’t get to see them much anymore but that the youngest lived with them and did a good job of taking care of them. I thought to myself, maybe she didn’t understand my question. During this whole time, the husband was very attentive, but never uttered a word. So I asked the question in a different way, I said, what would you say was the most important aspect of a successful relationship?

Well, the lady, become deaf, she said she could not heard much anymore and asked her husband to respond, if he had heard what was said; however he just mumble an inaudible comment and remained silent. After a pregnant pause, I got the picture, thanking them for their kindness and time, apologizing for the intrusion and left the “WET” sauna. I moved over to the Jacuzzi and no sooner had I settled in, when I noticed the elderly couple were now in the pool. She would lead and he obediently followed. She danced and glided and he would lovingly touch her as they went from one end of the pool to another.

I could almost see them young and I was amazed and mesmerized by their love and devotion to one another. It was all in their body language. Nothing was ever spoken, that I heard.

So guess their lesson to me was "words' cannot describe a lifetime of ups and downs, it’s just love!

Peace Diana

(c) Copywrite by Diana Mary Sharpton

1. Photograph: Older Couple in Love.

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