Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is KK a Victim of Bullying?

Bryce Dallas Howard (2)

Ms. Bryce Dallas Howard tries to promote the idea that Kim Kardashian (KK for the rest of this discussion) is possibly a victim of bullying by various bloggers and fashion critics.(2)

So, if you could ask Kim Kardashian one question what would it be?
Oh my gosh. What would it be? I would probably go a little deep and say, "How do you keep yourself sane?" You know, it’s a lot. There’s a lot of attention and criticism. I would say, "What are your strategies, what are your tips? Do you just not go on the Internet or do you have a perspective that just really grounds you? Or do you kind of have a light philosophy?" I would probably go there and ask something like that because whatever your opinion is of their family, they’ve kept their family together and they love each other and stay very strong and seem to stay very united. I’m just very interested in that because what they’ve been through is something that not a lot of people have gone through.

That brings up a great point, how do you feel about the criticism that comes along with Kim these days ... dealing with things like celebrity pregnancies and post-baby bodies?
I don’t know what a solution is, but I really wish that people wouldn’t do that because it’s genuinely bullying. And for some reason people are accepting that form of bullying and it doesn’t just affect celebrities. It’s online and kids with one another on Facebook. It’s just not acceptable. It’s cruel, it’s malicious and if saying that out loud to a person’s face wouldn’t be tolerated, then it shouldn’t be tolerated when it’s done anonymously. I think it’s kind of a shallow side of our culture and our society and I hope at some point we evolve beyonuffind that because it hurts a lot of people.

Bullying? please that’s a stretch. Yes, I agree, our sexy mamasita has provoked one or two jokes but she lives in the media. If she wanted privacy and all the consideration that goes along with this, then KK needs to go home and stay out of the lime light. I don’t know and it’s just my opinion but KK has risen to fame and become a millionaire via “ALL” the attention both positive and negative. To take the criticism away would make her no longer “RELEVENT” and trust me Mama Chris and the Kardashian business machine would find a problem with this and how it would affect the bottom line.  Just saying and KEEPING IT REAL!

Peace Diana

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