Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pregnant Women - Can They Be Fashionable? #OPINION

Kim K (1)
I tend to look at fashion as a reflection of personal choices and personality. Even when you have a stylist, at the end of the day you will choose the outfit that makes you feel good.  Now this is where the dilemma creeps in, you may choose an outfit that makes you feel good and in your mind it also makes you look great. The critics, other hand, may have an altogether different opinion.

Kim Kardashian, who I will call KK for short, is a woman that has for the most part presented herself in good fashion and shown taste and style by choosing those outfits that promote her sexuality and true beauty; however recently with her pregnancy, it seems like she is battling a demon or two and it has resulted in assorted number of confusing outfit choices. At least to me.

Let Review the Evidence:

Picture #2 - I am pregnant, sexy and I know it!

Picture #3 - I am pregnant, HUGE, and sexy and I know it. I am going hide my hands; this makes me feel good; however Kanye forgot to take his Xanax, that’s why he looks crazy!

Awkward!....Well, I can’t help but love KK. She is honestly experiencing a little bit of being “REAL PREGNANT” like the rest of us at one time or another. Don’t worry my dear, this extra weight will be eradicated with the vigorous exercise program and trainers you have already hired and or just sever the rest via cosmetic surgery. At the end of the day...We all know you will be back to being our KK "I am sexy and I OWN it"!
Peace Diana
(c) Copywrite by Diana Mary Sharpton

1. Photographs: Kim Kardashian
2. Photographs: Kim Kardashian.
3. Photographs: Kim Kardashian.

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