Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What competes in newsworthiness with Kim Kardashion, President Obama and Tornados?

Boat Capized (1)
We have certainly been plagued with a massive number tornados and their subsequent destruction of American towns and cities, as well as Kim Kardashion’s growing rear-end articles and President Obama’s constant negative press through the billowing of facts taken out of context. Well wait, there is one more and this competing story line is allotted to the Cruise line disasters!

In the past year, I promise you, that I have been made aware of at least half a dozen or more events concerning cruise liner disasters from passengers disappearing, boats burning up, boats stuck in the middle of the ocean with busted engines, those not able to leave port and finally  a vessel that actually capsized. People have died.

I cannot imagine why anyone in their right mind would consider getting on a Cruise ship regardless of the price. This is strictly my opinion; however, it would be like getting on a tin bucket and then being surprised why something went wrong. It would seem to be as much fun as being told you have cancer and oh yeah you need to take poison for the cure. This however may not help and you will probably die. Yikes, at least with cancer you have an idea of the impediment and horror that lies ahead!

It’s the assembly line essence of the whole business of cruises on international waters that really bothers’ me and the little to no government oversight. Why isn't congress doing something about these companies that
are not maintaining their assets properly? I wonder why the investors are still hanging on with all of these negative events.

Personally, when someone excuses death as an acceptable margin to the total number of cruise customers, I just say it is wrong; anyone that dies as a result of a misadventure on a cruise ship is too much, period!

Well, the bottom line is that as long people keep buying their services, I guess we will keep hearing about these issues.

Peace Diana

(c) Copywrite by Diana Mary Sharpton

1. Photograph: Boat Capized. http://www.jimwegryn.com/Names/Ships.htm

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