Sunday, June 30, 2013

#DianaKrall - A Wonderful Summer Sound #MUSICVIDEO #DianaMarySharpton #reality #andmaybe #dreams #definitlynot #nightmares

Diana Krall - Richstream (4)


“To love someone with all of your heart requires reaching them where they are with the only words they can understand.” ― Shannon L. Alder

I was watching a Clint Eastwood movie where Diana Krall was featured at the end of the movie and I fell in love with her sound. It has a jazz feel and she is an awesome piano player. 

She just recently released a new album by the name of This Dream Of You which is highly recommended but then I recommend all of her music. 

The music I am featuring is titled "This Dream of You" (1)which is the 9th track from her most recent albumn released on September 25, 2020.

This Dream of You (3)
Diana Krall

How long can I stay in this nowhere cafe
Before night turns into day
I wonder why I'm so frightened of dawn
All I have and all I know
Is this dream of you
Which keeps me living on

There's a moment when all old things become new again
But that moment might have come and gone
All I have and all I know
Is this dream of you
Which keeps me living on

I look away, but I keep seeing it
I don't wanna believe, but I keep believing it
Shadows dance upon the wall
Shadows that seem to know it all

Am I too blind to see?
Is my heart playing tricks on me?
I'm lost in the crowd
All my tears are gone
All I have and all I know
Is this dream of you
Which keeps me living on

Everything I touch seems to disappear
Everywhere I turn, you are always here
I'll run this race until my earthly death
I'll defend this place with my dying breath

From a cheerless room in a curtained gloom
I saw a star from heaven fall
I turned and looked again
But it was gone
All I have and all I know
Is this dream of you
Which keeps me living on
All I have and all I know
Is this dream of you
Which keeps me living on
Is this dream of you
Which keeps me living on

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Bob Dylan
This Dream Of You lyrics © Bob Dylan Music Co.

You can listen to this music and hear goodbyes and then you can rewind and hear love. I choose to rewind for today and hear love, hope and dreams. I am hopelessly in love and it's my Birthday after all. This music was selected when I was leaving a friend in the summer 2013. I found out that he had deceived me and was married. So, I said good bye. That was then and not now....

I hope this music sets the tone for a wonderful summer afternoon as it has for me.
Peace Diana
I can only say one thing and that is at the end of the day I will be there. Maybe you have decided otherwise but I have not yet changed my mind... I love you Sugar remember that...

1. Video: Diana Krall - This Dream of You
3. Lryics: see above 
4. Phototgraph:  style="border: 0px; cursor: pointer; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; text-decoration: none;">Diana Krall
 - Richstrem.

My Sunday Menu-T-Bone & Jumbo Shrimp, Re-Fried Black Beans, Asparagus and Salad w/squeeze me - Diana Krall #MusicVideo #DianaMarySharpton

© copywrite by DMS Photography~all rights reserved (1)


... food is not simply organic fuel to keep body and soul together, it is a perishable art that must be savored at the peak of perfection.”

― E.A. Bucchianeri

I am going to go all out and cook. My Sunday dinner menu will consist of a broiled thin sliced T-Bone and jumbo shrimp, re-fried black beans, asparagus and an avocado/tomato salad.

T-Bones & Shrimp: Broiled
I used Webers steak seasoning, dash of Cheyenne pepper and garlic power with freshly squeezed lemon juice cooked on the lower rack on "high broil" until brown and the turn over, adding more lemon juice and place on the upper rack for about 5 to 7 minutes. This would depend on if you like rare, medium rare or well done, which is my personal preference.

I used Webers New Orleans shrimp seasoning, lemon juice, Cheyenne pepper and a dash of garlic.

Re-fried Black Beans
In one of my previous post you can find out how I make black bean soup. I had some black beans left over from last Sunday (about 3 ½ cups) and wanted to utilized but in a different manner. So all you have to do is drain all the juice off and place a heated pan with two table spoons of oil. Then use your handy smasher. Once smashed, add ½ fresh jalapenos without seeds, a ½ cup of minced red onion and one small minced clove of garlic. Let cook for about ten minutes on a medium heat. When complete and ready to eat, top the beans off with crumbled “Ranchero” cheese and a couple of leaves of cilantro.

I just steam for about 7 to 10 minutes because it is very important to never over cook vegetables. Once complete I add a table spoon of light butter, salt pepper. I like to keep this item light.

Avocado/Tomato Salad
You will need to cubed fresh avocados (remember they must to be firm) mixed in with diced tomatoes (firm), ¼ cup diced red onion and mince the other half of the jalapeno mentioned above. Then add two freshly squeezed lemons.

I always eat my food with freshly made corn tortillas and when it's done I will take a picture.
Buen Provech! Diana

My featured artist this evening is a dinner favorite, Diana Krall. The song selection is "Squeeze Me" (2) with a jazz genre. Also, I have listed the lyrics below for your reading pleasure.

"Squeeze Me" (3)
Treat me sweet and gentle 
When you hold me tight 
Just squeeze me 
But please don't tease me 

I get sentimental 
When you hold me tight 
Come and squeeze me 
But please don't tease me 

Missing you since you went away 
Sing the blues most everyday 
Counting the nights and longing for you 

I'm in the mood to let you know 
I never knew I loved you so 
Please tell me that you love me too 

For when I get that feeling 
I'm in ??
Come on squeeze me 

But please don't tease me

(c) Copywrite by Diana Mary Sharpton

Come home my love so that I can cook for you.... I love you!

1. Photography: T-Bone & Jumbo Shrimp, Re-Fried Black Bean, Asparagus and Salad © copywrite by DMS Photography~all rights reserved (1)
2.. Video:
3.  Lyrics: 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Loving this Music by #LyfeJennings "Must be Nice" for a wonderful Friday Afternoon #MusicVideo #DianaMarySharpton #InTouch #Touched

R&B Artist Lyfe Jennings (2) 

“...and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other's sight, as I may say, even for a moment...”

― Plato

A new sound to me and when I watched the video, it was important that I shared it with you. The artist is Lyfe Jennings and the video I am attaching is "Must be Nice" (1)

Check it out folks, this is a classic R&B sound and I just love it! By the way, the video has a great story line and definitely adds to the song and delivers visually to the theme.

I am listing the lyrics below for your reading pleasure.

"Must Be Nice" (3)

Must be nice
Having someone who understands the life you live
Must be nice
Having someone whose slow to take and quick to give
Must be nice
Having someone who sticks around when the rough times get thick
Someone whose smile is bright enough to make the projects feel like a mansion
Must be nice
Having someone who loves you despite your faults
Must be nice
Having someone who talks the talk but also walks the walk
Must be nice
Having someone who understands that a thug has feelings too
Someone who loves you for sho'
You just remember to never let 'em go
'Cause even when your hustling days are gone
She'll be by your side still holding on
Even when those twenties stop spinning
And all those gold-digging women disappear
She'll still be here
Must be nice
Having someone you can come home to from a long day of work
Must be nice
Having someone you don't have to show; they know exactly where it hurts
Must be nice
Having someone who trusts you despite what they've heard
Someone as mighty as a lion but still as gentle as a bluebird
Must be nice
Having someone you don't have to tell you don't want to be alone
Must be nice
Having someone you can grow old with until God calls y'all home
Must be nice
Having someone who understands that a thug has feelings too
Someone who loves you for sho'
You just remember to never let 'em go
'Cause even when your hustling days are gone
She'll be by your side still holding on
Even when those twenties stop spinning
And all those gold-digging women disappear
She'll still be here
'Cause even when your hustling days are gone
She'll be by your side still holding on
Even when those twenties stop spinning
And all those gold-digging women disappear
She'll still be here
'Cause even when your hustling days are gone
She'll be by your side still holding on
Even when those twenties stop spinning
And all those gold-digging women disappear
She'll still be here

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Lyfe Jennings
Must Be Nice lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Chester Jennings Dba Lyfe IN Music

Oh! let me add to the ladies… Lyfe, definitely has a little something!

Peace Diana

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If I had to name a baby, I would do it just like Kim Kardashian!

I never get to listen to the news anymore because of my summer schedule; that said what did I miss in a week? A lot! 

Sleeping Baby Girl (1)
My conversation today is about the process of naming your baby. Back in the day, I went traditional, in the sense; my children got names that were listed as typical “people” names somewhere on this planet. I was unconventional to my family, because I didn't use the naming convention of various family members. So, I went with Irish and Italian names. Why? I love Italian/Irish names and I wanted my kids to have rare and uncommon names in comparison to other American babies. I never considered how my children would actually feel about this heavy burden of carrying my need for all things individualistic. My daughter even changed the spelling of her name (not legally) for many years. I was confused, by this action. She didn't appreciate the complex spelling or how completely baffling its traditional enunciation might be to others. Wow!

Well, in the news, which I am so far behind reading, I noticed that my protagonist, Kim Kardashian (KK from the rest of this discussion), named her new born daughter "North West." Now, in defense of KK, if I was in this position again and had the opportunity to burden a brand new person’s life with a nostalgic and or bizarre name, I would do it all over again! This time I would probably be like KK and name my children based on the “Event” and or “Location” of making the baby.

EVENT – I would no longer focus on any kind of spiritual significance or unusual foreign influence, no, just how we got here! For example:

Holla Sharpton - if getting there was memorable to say the least, you know what I mean.
Really WhWi (short for Where the Hell Was I?) Sharpton - the event was an unfortunate circumstance in conception hell.

LOCATION – I would want to continue being CONSISTENT to "EVENT" (this is to fulfill my role as an accountant) something I am reminded about everyday. For Example:

AnA (short for Anytime and Anywhere) Sharpton – this would be a second baby to Holla’s baby daddy, if you know what mean! Oh yeah!

Not Again Sharpton – I would probably claim a mental disorder at this point to cover up the fact I went back, had sex and got catch with another baby from WhWi’s baby daddy. Oh man, it happens, not a lot but to a few!

Okay, so I am having a little fun but check it out. What is little North West going to do in High School? It may help that her parents are rich but she is going to get a beat down all her life!

Just keeping it real, folks! Peace Diana…

(c) Copywrite by Diana Mary Sharpton
1. Photograph: Sleeping Baby Girl. Original web location was not located

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stevie Nicks & Don Henley - for the cure! Leather & Lace #love #fragility #MusicVideo #DianaMarySharpton

Pre-Fleetwood Mac (2)


Hearts are connected by the slenderest of threads.” 

― Marty Rubin

My song for the evening is sung by Stevie Nicks & Don Henley. This music empowers me as a woman. 

The title of the song is "Leather And Lace" (1).  It was released as a single in 1981. The video was published on YouTube Feb 24, 2011by fitz207 and is considered a Soft rock, folk rock genre.

I have added the lyrics for your reading pleasure.

"Leather And Lace" (3)
Is love so fragile
And the heart so hollow
Shatter with words
Impossible to follow
You're saying I'm fragile
I try not to be
I search only
For something
I can't see

I have my own life
And I am stronger
Than you know
But I carry this feeling
When you walked into my house
That you won't be walking out the door
Still I carry this feeling
When you walked into my house
That you won't be walking out the door

Lovers forever
Face to face
My city or mountains
Stay with me stay
I need you to love me
I need you today
Give to me your leather
Take from me
My lace

You in the moonlight
With your sleepy eyes
Could you ever love a man like me
And you were right
When I walked into your house
I knew I'd never want to leave
Sometimes I'm a strong man
Sometimes cold and scared
And sometimes I cry
But that time I saw you
I knew with you to light my nights
Somehow I'd get by

Lovers forever
Face to face
My city or mountains
Stay with me stay
I need you to love me
I need you today
Give to me your leather
Take from me
My lace

Lovers forever
Face to face
My city or mountains
Stay with me stay
I need you to love me
I need you today
Give to me your leather
Take from me
My lace
Take from me
My lace
Take from me
My lace

Ma chérie d’amour

Remember my song, my words, my language....
Peace Out Diana

2. Video:Leather And Lace - Stevie Nicks and Don Henley.
3. lyrics


Holley Berry - In The Call
The Call just came out on video, today and I had the opportunity to watch it. Wow! scary stuff folks. This movie had me gripping the edge of my bed. Yes, I am in bed. It is basically about a veteran 911 operator, Jordan (played by Holley Berry), that takes a life-altering call from a teenage girl who has just been abducted, she realizes that she must confront a killer from her past in order to save the girl's life. The actor who plays the killer was very believable. If you like scary movies, this is the one, believe me. By the way there is a twist at the end of the movie.

Cast Members
Halle Berry -Jordan Turner
Abigail Breslin-Hayden
Michael Imperioli-Alan Denado
Morris Chestnut-Officer Phillips

Now, I need some wine to try to relax for the rest of the evening. Peace Diana.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Thicke & Cyrus, On a Monday? "Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell" #FunWithU #MusicVideo #DianaMarySharpton

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell (1)


Nice pants. Can I test the zipper, Sugar?” 
~ Unknown

I have had a bad case of the flue for the past three days. Sick, feverish, aching, coughing, and having to go to work, it has not been fun; however, I'm dreaming, I'm reaching for that something, something... I want it... yes indeed... FUN with U!

My video selection this evening is Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell (2), the "GP" version. The genre is disco and R&B. It’s sexy and I'm feeling that groove thing! The "X" rated version is well for a different audience. Check it out if you have a chance.

I have listed the lyrics below just in case you would like to read what is being said musically... lol!

"Blurred Lines" (3)
(feat. T.I. & Pharrell Williams)
[Intro - Pharrell & Robin Thicke:]
Everybody get up, WOO!
Everybody get up, WOO!
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

[Verse 1 - Robin Thicke:]
If you can't hear what I'm trying to say
If you can't read from the same page
Maybe I'm going deaf
Maybe I'm going blind
Maybe I'm out of my mind
[Pharrell:] Everybody get up

[Bridge - Robin Thicke:]
Ok, now he was close
Tried to domesticate you
But you're an animal
Baby, it's in your nature
Just let me liberate you
You don't need no papers
That man is not your maker
And that's why I'm gon' take a

[Hook - Robin Thicke:]
Good girl
I know you want it
I know you want it
I know you want it
You're a good girl
Can't let it get past me
You're far from plastic
Talk about getting blasted
I hate these blurred lines
I know you want it
I know you want it
I know you want it
But you're a good girl
The way you grab me
Must wanna get nasty
Go ahead, get at me
[Pharrell:] Everybody get up

[Verse 2 - Robin Thicke:]
What do they make dreams for
When you got them jeans on
What do we need steam for
You the hottest bitch in this place
I feel so lucky,
Hey, hey, hey
You wanna hug me
Hey, hey, hey
What rhymes with hug me?
Hey, hey, hey



[Verse 3 - T.I.:]
Hustle Gang Homie
One thing I ask of you
Lemme be the one you back that ass up to
From Malibu to Paris boo
Had a bitch, but she ain't bad as you
So, hit me up when you pass through
I'll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two
Swag on 'em even when you dress casual
I mean, it's almost unbearable
In a hundred years not dare would I
Pull a Pharcyde, let you pass me by
Nothin' like your last guy, he too square for you
He don't smack that ass and pull your hair like that
So I'm just watching and waitin'
For you to salute the true big pimpin'
Not many women can refuse this pimping
I'm a nice guy, but don't get confused, this pimpin'

[Breakdown - Robin Thicke:]
Shake your rump
Get down, get up-a
Do it like it hurt, like it hurt
What you don't like work

[Verse 4 - Robin Thicke:]
Baby, can you breathe
I got this from Jamaica
It always works for me
Dakota to Decatur
No more pretending
Cause now you're winning
Here's our beginning
I always wanted a

[Hook - Robin Thicke]

[Outro - Pharrell & Robin Thicke:]
Everybody get up, WOO!
Everybody get up
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

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Music is a language and these are my final thoughts for this evening. May your day or evening be blessed with good health, unconditional love, light-hearten laughter, enormous success, and unending happiness.

Peace and Love Always
Diana Mary Sharpton
"Si me muerdas o besas mi cuello, te comprometo a rasgar su ropa, querido mio".

1. Photograph: Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell.
2. Video: Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell.
3. Lyrics: Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Couple by the Sea (2)
What a difference a day makes! Well I don’t have a poem this evening but I do want to share some music by one of my favorite artist, Ornella Vanoni. The song is L’Appuntamento (1), you don’t have to understand the language, (Italian), to get what is being said. It is sensual and stays with you. I added the lyrics below for those that want to know what is being said.

I first heard this song in an Oceans movie and had to have the record/CD. The only way was to buy it was from an Italian CD outlet. Anyway, it reminds me of a favorite fantasy facing the Mediterranean Sea. I hope you enjoy song as much as I do.

Have a great evening, Peace Diana

L'appuntamento (English) Lyrics (3)
I've Been Mistaken So Many Times By Now That I Already Know

that Today Is Almost A Certainty
i've Been Wrong About You But Once More
that You Can Change My Life...
to Accept This Strange Appointment
has Been A Madness!
i Am Sad Among The People
that You Are Passing By Me
but The Nostalgia Of Seeing You Again
it Is Stronger Than Weeping:
this Sun Shines On On My Face
a Sign Of Hope.
i Am Waiting When Suddenly
you Appear In A Distance!
love, Make It Soon, I Don't Resist...
if You Don't Come, I Don't Exist
i Don't Exist, I Don't Exist...
and The Time Has Passed And It's Raining
but Only To Wait
it Doesn't Concern Me What The World Thinks
i Don't Want To Go.
i Look Inside Myself And I Wonder
but I Don't Feel Anything;
i Only Have Is Hope
lost Among The People.
love Is You Already Late And I Don't Resist...
if You Don't Come I Don't Exist
i Don't Exist, I Don't Exist...
lights, Cars, Showcases, Roads
everything Seems So Confusing
my Shadow Has Gotten Tired Of Following Me
the Day Dies Slowly.
it Doesn't Befit Me To Return To My House
to My Sad Life
this Life That I Wanted To Give To You
you Have Crumbled Between The Fingers.
love Pardons But I Don't Resist...
forever, I Don't Exist Now
i Don't Exist, I Don't Exist..

References:1. Video:Ornella Vanoni - L'Appuntamento.
2. Photograph:Couple by The Sea.
3. Lyrics:L'Appuntamento.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Its Friday - #TownBidness FT. #Omezzy "Make You Dance" #MusicVideo #DianaMarySharpton "Make You Dance" #itsaparty

Town Bidness FT. Omezzy (1)


"Dance me to the wedding now, dance me on and on. Dance me very tenderly and dance me very long. We're both of us beneath our love, we're both of us above."

-Madeleine Peyroux

Read more:

I am off today and #itsaparty. I want a share a fresh sultry urban video by Town Bidness FT. Omezzy "Make You Dance" (2). If you have a minute check it out and lets give this new artist all the support they
deserve, folks.

It's just about the love, Peace Diana

1. Photograph: Town Bidness. Web site not found.
2. Video: Town Bidness FT. Big Omezzy "MAKE YOU DANCE".

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dog's reaction to lime!

Boxer - Reacting to Lime (1)
This is a humors dog video! Check it out if you have a minute. This particular dog reacts in an unusual
manner to the sour taste from a slice of lime. Everyone needs a laugh.

Peace Diana

1.Video:Puppy Dog Funny Reaction to Taste of Lime
2.Photograph:Puppy Dog Funny Reaction to Taste of Lime.

Jump to the Beat! with Kirk Franklin

Stomp by Kirk Franklin (1)
It was a difficult day and week, but I made it! I am excited about my future. I get to move into a new apartment in two months. New beginning, they always refresh and renew the sprite.

Tomorrow, I will sleep late and watch Good Morning America with Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos (what a name) but I just love this show. I never get to watch it anymore so this will be a treat. They always host a summer music festival, hopefully this tradition has continued. I will then go swimming and exercise for at least two hours and the rest of the day will be filled with #leisure!

My song this evening is not about love lost, broken hearts or anything but pure joy to be alive in this very moment. Thank you, Lord, for mercy, patience and love you bestow up my heart and soul.

Peace Diana
Oh! The song, sorry well let’s see Stomp (2) by Kirk Franklin come now jump to the beat!

1. Photograph. Stomp by Kirk Franklin.
2. Video.Stomp - Kirk Franklin.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Kardashian for President

Keeping up with the Kardashians (1)

What will it be Kim, Khloe or Kourney for president? If you let Chris Jenner have her way, one of
the Kardashians would be on their way to the White House, as a resident and boy the America Government would not only be on TV, it would pay.

The Kardashian publicity and money machine does not stop! Today, it was Khloe’s instagram on a 1 1/2 hour workout, if all I did was workout to make millions, you bet your ass I would live in the gym! Yesterday, it was the guessing game of Kim’s “K” baby girl names. Tomorrow, it will be Kim’s weight gain and her plans on how to lose it all. There will be TV appearances and photo ops for all and that will be the summer of 2013, folks.

I think am suffering from #KardashianBackLash. I am not a hater but I want to get something off my chest. I was such a fan of the family’s reality show. I thought it was fresh and edgy. I would not miss an episode, until Kim’s over the top wedding and 72 day nuptials. It was such a stick it to the fans move by the media, E TV and the money making Kardashian churn that it just has made me repugnant when all I hear and read on the news is Kardashian this and that. Take a vacation! Come back in six months.

Is there anything else going on? Like the republicans trying to find fictitious crooked deals to set up the White House or the status of world domination by the Korean nut case. Just anything at this point will suffice. The monkey mating season, is it on track? Or, #PinkICON is there a growing trend to wear pink hair and matching clothing popping up around America? Doesn’t the Huffington Post have a poll out yet measuring the success of having sex in a marriage?

Seriously Folks…write your editor and ask them to stop the gossip news and deliver journalism on important topics!

Peace Diana

(c) Copywrite by Diana Mary Sharpton

(1) Photograph: Keeping up with the Kardashians.

"Driving Alone" #Poetry w/Kid Rock "Picture" #Musicvideo #DianaMarySharpton

Kid Rock (1)
In presence of the Moon nobody sees stars.
― Amit Kalantri

I’m midway through my work week and that’s a positive thing! I can’t seem to get used to this summer schedule and the long days. Don’t get it twisted; I blessed to have the job and home to come to, each day. It’s a funk, I seem to be swimming in lately and I keep reaching for some good music to cure what’s ailing me or at least speak to it.

If you noticed, I am, also, not someone that is into just one genre of music. So today I am picking KID ROCK with his amazing soulful sound from a song called Picture featuring Sheryl Crow. When I listen to this song, I think of the imagery in my poem Driving Alone which was posted on 04/19/2013 and being right on point.

Driving alone
Driving alone, thin haze creeps to enclose
White ash in vertical procession quails to hold
The somber hush trapped along this old country road
In a distance chirps suddenly unfolds:
It’s a large one-eyed crusty green toad

Steady’s, the constant purr
To a well-tuned 8-cylinder
Rubber rolling over asphalt
Crashes stillness; a delay in fault

Judgment unyielding sealed
Wrong in its sight yet concealed
He is focused on a solitary beam
And drives in drudgery or in-between dreams
Time halts. He takes in the deepest draw
On a filter-less, as the radio plays songs in melancholy crawl
Images flicker in nuisance as unwelcome pests
A solitude his married, welcomed and knows best

Inside a darkened corner in some desolate country bar
Along a deserted road that’s going nowhere yet not far
He’s midpoint; lost at sea and can’t seem to find a shore
Adrift in the ebbs of his mind; misplacing time nonetheless craving more…

Diana Mary Sharpton © Copyright 2013

If you get a chance to listen to this music video and read the poem, please do. Peace Diana

1. Video: Picture.
2. Photograph: Kid Rock.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ingrid Michaelson's "The Way I Am" #MUSICVIDEO / "A Stormy Sea" #Poetry #MaCherie #DianaMarySharpton

eyes are the mirror to the soul (1)


The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden; and like a mirror, they also reflect the person looking into them.” ~ Paulo Coelho

A Stormy Sea
Look into my eyes; my darling
And tell me; what do you see?
Yes, they’re brown; a hazel in the sun
And yes complicated; hold on, I’m not done

My love, it’s more than colors or forbidden attitudes
Or even mysterious platitudes
It’s more than life’s implicit stage
Or words asserting love on each and every page

Is it the touch from soft lips or gentle bites that stings?
Or an attraction bouncing in-between tall building, you see?
Is it a soul filled with agony and joy? Or flowers that bleed?
Or maybe just an intricate man questioning, why me?

I say why not?
Because when I peek into your eyes; nothing frightens me
I know you’re there irrespective to what others might see
I see a man, swimming in difficult waters of a stormy sea
Fight my dear, stand up to fear and turn around it’s only me

There was no choice love struck me down
That day so long ago…
When things were simple; I know you know
I regret one thing sharing this with a so called friend…

Diana Mary Sharpton Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved

I am adding music sung by Ingrid Michaelson. The song is titled "The Way I Am"(2). The video was uploaded on YouTube November 16, 2007.

I have listed the lyrics below for your reading pleasure.

"The Way I Am"(3)
If you were falling, then I would catch you.
You need a light, I'd find a match.

Cause I love the way you say good morning.
And you take me the way I am.

If you are chilly, here take my sweater.
Your head is aching, I'll make it better.

Cause I love the way you call me baby.
And you take me the way I am.

I'd buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair.
Sew on patches to all you tear.

Cause I love you more than I could ever promise.
And you take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.

Remember music is a language and these are my thoughts tonight. Have a blessed evening

Peace and Love Diana

mon âme a été prise par vous, ma chérie... et c’est la vérité...

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