Saturday, June 22, 2013


Couple by the Sea (2)
What a difference a day makes! Well I don’t have a poem this evening but I do want to share some music by one of my favorite artist, Ornella Vanoni. The song is L’Appuntamento (1), you don’t have to understand the language, (Italian), to get what is being said. It is sensual and stays with you. I added the lyrics below for those that want to know what is being said.

I first heard this song in an Oceans movie and had to have the record/CD. The only way was to buy it was from an Italian CD outlet. Anyway, it reminds me of a favorite fantasy facing the Mediterranean Sea. I hope you enjoy song as much as I do.

Have a great evening, Peace Diana

L'appuntamento (English) Lyrics (3)
I've Been Mistaken So Many Times By Now That I Already Know

that Today Is Almost A Certainty
i've Been Wrong About You But Once More
that You Can Change My Life...
to Accept This Strange Appointment
has Been A Madness!
i Am Sad Among The People
that You Are Passing By Me
but The Nostalgia Of Seeing You Again
it Is Stronger Than Weeping:
this Sun Shines On On My Face
a Sign Of Hope.
i Am Waiting When Suddenly
you Appear In A Distance!
love, Make It Soon, I Don't Resist...
if You Don't Come, I Don't Exist
i Don't Exist, I Don't Exist...
and The Time Has Passed And It's Raining
but Only To Wait
it Doesn't Concern Me What The World Thinks
i Don't Want To Go.
i Look Inside Myself And I Wonder
but I Don't Feel Anything;
i Only Have Is Hope
lost Among The People.
love Is You Already Late And I Don't Resist...
if You Don't Come I Don't Exist
i Don't Exist, I Don't Exist...
lights, Cars, Showcases, Roads
everything Seems So Confusing
my Shadow Has Gotten Tired Of Following Me
the Day Dies Slowly.
it Doesn't Befit Me To Return To My House
to My Sad Life
this Life That I Wanted To Give To You
you Have Crumbled Between The Fingers.
love Pardons But I Don't Resist...
forever, I Don't Exist Now
i Don't Exist, I Don't Exist..

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