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"A Perfect Pair" #Poetry #DianaMarySharpton w/Chris Brown's “For Ur Love” #BreakfastInBed #Desire #ILovU #MUSICVIDEO

That Perfect Pair of "D's" (1)

One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” 

― Robert A. Heinlein

A Perfect Pair

She wakes to a Sunday morning, sky’s a brilliant cobalt blue
Peeking through the bedroom window fresh, dewy and new
she’s feeling warm, blissful almost perfect
Recalling moments; in their tie, its taste and fit
Turning, there he sleeps, she’s in love or maybe lust; understand
To this man, with this man that lays to her left, hand

Quiet in devotion, to sleep for a moment more or so
As music ebbs and flows as the ocean seems to go
She leaves silently; to bring breakfast to him in bed
Let's see coffee or tea, eggs with some kind ’a buttered bread
White silk pj’s covering slightly a delicious red bra
She’s gifted in visualization he loves gazing in awe

Breakfast begins...
Blue Mountain coffee and tea begins to brew
A favorite drink, something she firmly knew
She beats eggs adding light seasoning and spice,
Tarragon, fresh minced chives, salt, pepper, island zest as a dash once or maybe twice.
Pours into a non-stick, slightly buttered pan and cooks a few minutes in delay.
Chopped cherry tomatoes, crumbled Montrachet folded in an experienced, sort of way

The omelet finally complete,
Oranges squeezed, strained and mixed with nectar from a sweet peach.
Stir and pour in champagne glasses,
Spécialité finale, adorned by mint leaves and pineapple slices.
Papaya, mangos, strawberries and blackberries fill a bowl,
She added a pinch of fresh lime, its final mold.

Miniature chocolate covered croissants,
A tab of butter, to a tray, specially complied for a love she sought.
To position on the dresser, the tray’s secure,
A gentle kiss to wake, to a tilted head that’s slightly demur,
“Ma Chérie j'ai quelque chose de spécial pour vous”, he moves,
To her kisses, smell of food and that coffee freshly brewed.

And pleasure ensues...
Taking in a vision before him, encapsulated, in an unyielding squeeze,
Pulling her into bed, with devotion and a bit of tease,
“Je vous souhaite tout d'abord mon amour”.

© Copyright 2013 by Diana Mary Sharpton All Rights Reserved

The music video I selected to accompany this poem is by Chris Brown. This post is considered an R&B and Soul genre. The song is “For Ur Love”(2). The video is hot and was uploaded on YOUTUBE, Oct 9, 2010 by Demitrius Omphroy.

I am listing the lyrics below for your reading pleasure.

"For Ur Love" (3)
I'll wait for you
Till you come home
Here all alone
I stay alone for your love
For your love [x6]

Put my pimp cup down
Nothing lost nothing found
Its the things that you do
That makes me love you
Turn around and thump thump
Thats what i want you to do
even when i want you
I hope you want me too.

I'll wait for you
Till you come home
Here all alone
I stay alone for your love
For your love [x6]

I know what Imma do now
Imma keep you around
I like your teeth when you smile
And your bootie is like wow
So turn around and thump thump
All that junk in your trunk
I really really want you
I hope you want me too.

I'll wait for you (yeeeaaa)
Till you come home (yeaaa yeaaa)
Here all alone (im here im here im here)
I stay alone for your love (for your love)

For your love (yeaaa) [x6]

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1.)   Photograph: Jennifer Hudson.
2.)   Video:Chris Brown "For Ur Love"..
3.) Lyrics:

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