Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sonia Rao to close out the Week-End

Sonia Rao (1)
I came across this artist perusing the Top 20 Video Countdown 8/25/13 by Artists on YouTube. Her name is Sonia Rao and she is a Los Angeles based indie pop singer/songwriter. She not only is strikingly beautiful she has an interesting sound. If you have a minute check her out.

The first song I am going to feature is titled “Sonia Rao & Elliott Yamin - Ain't No Sunshine(2) and the second is one of her own titled “You Say I(3).

I hope enjoy this music as much as I do. I love a new sound every day of the week.

Peace Diana

2.) Video: Sonia Rao & Elliott Yamin - Ain't No Sunshine.
3.) Video: Sonia Rao - You Say I

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