Monday, September 30, 2013

Amy Winehouse "Back to Black" & "Stronger than Me' & Yours" #MUSICVIDEO

Amy Winehouse (1)
My second post for this evening is featuring Amy Winehouse. I struggled finding a photograph on her that was decent and not all torn up. She had an extraordinary talent but ultimately allowed the industry to gobble her up and spit her out. It’s a shame and I loved her music. Her genre was considered a mixed bag of R&B, soul, jazz, ska and reggae.

Tonight I am going to feature two videos by request. The first one is “Back to Black(2) which definitely show cases her very special wide-range vocal talent. The second video is titled “stronger than me' & yours"(3). She looks fresh and young in this video. It must have been before she started doing drugs. Amazing!!

Peace Diana

1) Photograph: Amy
2) Video: Back to Black
3.) Video: stronger than me' & yours.

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