Sunday, September 1, 2013

Julio Iglesias Jr in Finally Found You ft. Sammy Adams

Julio Iglesias Jr (1)
Wow what a day! I picked up this video by chance and it reached out catching my sensual eye. I don’t think I have ever featured Julio Iglesias Jr. on my blog before. I know I have featured his father. Jr. is one HOT papi with that hair and abs…Oh! My! And this video I bet some of you…like me will do a rewind, rewind, rewind…and then some!

Let me promote the song properly. It looks like it was released back in Oct. 2012. The video starts off in a “G” version scene focused on young puppy love between a kid and a young teenage girl, this was the point where I almost “Moved On”. It didn't get it at first and then about five seconds into the view, it start to happen folks. It’s about fantasy, first love and chemistry and Jr.’s body makes you just want to drive in there with him…

My one comment is that this video did not gain major traction or become a mega success because it was probably misunderstood and the tune sounds familiar almost an Adam Levine sound; I don’t know but there it is. It’s the intro…what do you think? Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Oh! It would be helpful if I named the song, right! Okay so here we go, the title of the song I am featuring tonight by Julio Iglesias Jr, is "Finally Found You ft. Sammy Adams"(2). Please let me know what you think!!!
Peace Diana

2. Video: Enrique Iglesias - Finally Found You ft. Sammy Adams.

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