Monday, October 7, 2013

“Souvenir D'Enfance” by Richard Clayderman #MUSICVIDEO #Photography by Tyler Knott Gregson

Autumn Street, Helena, Montana by Tyler Knott Gregson (1)
Today, I went from a lovely quiet weekend to a Monday, the beginning of a long and arduous work week. I need to listen to a sound that is constant, reassuring and candid or a music that lifts this bleak mind and throws it into the fall warmth of this mid-afternoon sun coveting a brilliantly looming horizon.

I picked another one’s of Richard Clayderman’s beautiful concerto’s titled “Souvenir D'Enfance(2). The video was upload in 2008. The power he has in his fingers dissipates the aches that can reside in life. It is defiant and powerful, raw and emotional, yet uncomplicated. It is exactly what is needed at this moment and this very night.

As always I hope everyone is having a lovely evening or morning which ever it may be and thank you for your continued support, it is much appreciated.

Peace Diana

1) Photograph: Autumn Street, Helena, Montana
2) Video: Souvenir D'Enfance.

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