Wednesday, October 9, 2013

#HOT #SEXY Wale fte. Sam Drew w/ "LoveHate Thing" #Musicvideo #DianaMarySharpton

PREMIERE: Wale ft. Sam Dew – “LoveHate Thing” | Video (1)

Every person is attractive to somebody. You are. I am. Jim Bob over there is, too. Every person is probably ugly to somebody, too. You are. I am. Jim Bob over there is, too. Don’t take it personally.

And, we all need to do ourselves a favor. We need to believe people when they tell us we’re beautiful, handsome, sexy, attractive, hot, or hunkalicious, especially when that someone is somebody that we think is beautiful, handsome, sexy, attractive, hot, or babealicious.

Because you know what? They probably really think so. They probably aren’t lying. They probably don’t give a damn that you don’t look like Pamela Anderson.” 

Dan Pearce

Well there wasn’t going to be a post tonight until I heard this next hot sexy duo and there you go!

As you know music runs this Blog and hell yeah if it's from two talented singers, I am going to stop what I am into and develop a post, to express myself. The video and song that is being featured is titled “LoveHate Thing(2) and it’s being sung Wale Fte. Sam Drew. Oh man, I just died and went to heaven. Just loving these two sexy men and their fine ass grove…hmmmm  hmmm !!!! Single ladies you know what I am talking about!!!

Looks like the video was initially dropped and or uploaded on YouTube in Jun 2013 and it’s a mix genre of RAP and R&B. Remember, Wale was featured in a previous post. He is from Washington, D. C. and I am not sure or better stated could not find where the young Sam Drew is from or any information on him for that matter.

This post is quick and short. Have a blessed evening!

Peace Diana

1) Photograph: PREMIERE: Wale ft. Sam Dew – “LoveHate Thing” .
2) Video: LoveHate Thing.

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