Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kurt Carr w/ "Awesome Wonders" for the Blessing of Life #MUSICVIDEO

Woman Praying (1)
I need to change the genre for at least one of my posts tonight to Gospel and praise the higher power for all the blessing that beheld us today. For one, a brave and strong woman, Wendy Davis, has announced her candidacy for Texas Governor and now I know Texas has a chance to progress into the future. I hope and pray that you will extend to her your support. She faces a huge battle and over twenty plus years of government stagnation. I truly aspire for her success and pledge my patronage and energy. Secondly there is the blessing of life, this moment and this time and nothing could be better.

The artist I am going to feature is none other than Kurt Carr an American gospel music composer and performer. He lives in the city of Hartford, Connecticut and served as Minister of Music at The First Baptist Church of Hartford located on Greenfield Street. The song that I'm show casing is based on a recommendation from a lovely lady within my circle. It’s titled “Awesome Wonder(2).

Yes a different tone from yesterday’s post but sometimes we need to be somber and serious because of the importance in the moment. Have a blessed day and thank you always for your support and love.

Peace Diana
2.) Video: Awesome Wonder.

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