Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh Papito!! “Propuesta Indecente” Sung by Romeo Santos #MUSIC #VIDEO

Romeo Santos (1)
What a lovely, fresh, cool Saturday morning and it's good to be alive. I am getting ready to go to the gym, workout and swim; however I found a great new singer, sensual video and have to share. The genre is Latin Pop.

This artist has never been featured on this blog before and is from the Bronx, New York. His name stage name is Romeo Santos and the song is “Propuesta Indecente(3). It’s a brand new sexy video folks, release September 9, 2013 and of course it high lights the Argentinean Tango.
Argentine Tango by Andrea Tesse (2)
Have a wonderful day! Hope you enjoy the music.
Peace Diana
1) Photographs: Romeo Santos.
2) Photograph:Argentine Tango by Andrea Tesse.
3) Video: Propuesta Indecente.

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