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Number Crunching and Social Media: Is it Business or Friendship? #OPINION

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Number Crunching and Social Media: Is it Business or Friendship?

In my tenure as a financial analyst, you can say twenty plus years, I have been involved in many buying and selling product activities for principals of various organizations. It was nothing outwardly illegal, just the ability to manipulate the numbers to the story that was being told or more literally “sold”. If a product was being sold for profit, financial investment or refinance, then market growth expectations and long term investment viability were perhaps more aggressively assessed. If on the other hand, one was trying to reduce the asset value and or expectation due to pending restructure, weak markets, bankruptcy, the growth model would be evaluated in a more prudent and conservative manner. Either way number crunching is a flexing of market variables that directly or indirectly impact investment products in order to meet the needs representing company strategies, long term growth planning and investor expectations. This is business!

So what’s the point? Well now we have a new forum “Social Media” and of course it is all number manipulation. At least this is from a personal observation and I am not going make this my PHD essay or thesis where there will be cited educators, media gurus and referenced material, no this discussion is strictly based on my opinion. I, for one, have the following social media site established or in progress, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube and my very own personal blog housed by Google. How does this have anything to do with number manipulation or crunching? Why lecture on my experience? Please be patient, I will get to my point.

Let’s start with Facebook. I have an active account and just loved it until I experienced the freedom offered by Google Plus. Facebook is where my family circle resides. It rarely grows in membership unless we have a marriage or find a family member that has been lost to us. Occasionally, I will add a friend or two, because they ask, but remind them this is an account where my family resides. Remember we are talking about my accounts and the honor bestowed upon family relationships. They would absolutely go nuts with all the Google Plus activity.

LinkedIn: my son loves this site but he is young and wants to be connected to the important people of this world. Me, it is important to be connected with peers and have public experience or background listed, in a reputable place in order to be a marketable individual. I also belong to various intellectual groups within this prestigious community. I occasionally hobnob with the rich and famous business folk; however I drawn more to a relaxed open and creative setting. LinkedIn is more about who you know vs. how many people you can collect.

Twitter: to me, it is a conduit to other social media sites that I have connected. I rarely interact with folks on twitter; however I do agree that the numbers game is particularly important in this venue for my purposes. Being an introvert, this forum is difficult because if it is not my blog posts what do you say that is exciting and tantamount. Anyway, I do try. Especially love the ability to get frustrated and be instantly heard about some political personality in Washington. You can’t beat that!

Pinterest: Yes there are boards and their all a statement of my passions and images that I find beautiful. It’s an added link on my blog and Google profile. I follow a few folks because they have the same taste in photography as I do but that is it.

YouTube, Sound Cloud, and VEVO: love, love, and love the music videos and it is ninety percent of where I select sourced videos for my blog. I just barely started learning how to make a video and have your own channel. Pretty cool stuff but no number there yet!

Google Plus: twenty times the power of Facebook and I will tell you why. Yes, there is a limit on the number of friends like Facebook, but they offer blog sites for free and you have access to Google “Public” as a forum for free, as well. Believe me, because I started out developing a web site and had to pay for this Google interphase and analytics. You, also, have a connectively with the world that does not seem apparent in Facebook, you do not have to know the person to be a friend. I am relatively new in Google Plus but, for some, it is a numbers driven game as well. I believe it is in the circle sharing and this is strictly a theory. To me Google Plus and my blog are not conduits, it is where I reside. I want my blog to grow in popularity but not to the expense of losing friends or gaining folks that have no curtsey, manners or social grace. When starting I joined all the circle sharing groups because I didn’t know any better. These same folks driving the circles could not give me the time of day after their circle drive and still don't but I am in their circle. So being an experience numbers manipulator, I will no longer join circle sharing unless the person offering the circle takes the time to get to know me as person and potential friend or I know them. For me, the wonderful aspect to Google Plus are all the communities large or small. This is where you find your lasting friendships and share the fun of social interaction. Getting to know people takes time, energy, commitment and it is not a selfish act. It cannot be done in a day or week at least not for me. 

Mainly, I want to thank my friends and followers for taking the time in their busy day to read and share my posts. I want to apologizes, if I have been abrupt or absent at times please just remind me, friendship is not about number manipulation it is about the love and support we give one another and it is a two way street.
It's not suposed to be business it's supposed to be about friendship!

Peace Diana

1). Photography: Friendship Starts with a Loving Heart.

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