Friday, December 27, 2013

“Best Left Unspoken” #POETRY by Amit Herlekar w/Diana Ross's “Touch Me in the Morning” #MUSICVIDEO

Copyright Sam Chinigo(1)
My guest this evening is the excellent and seductive poet Amit Herlekar from Bangalore, India.  Amit is a software professional in the daytime and writer/poet/blogger with a cup of tea in hand after work hours.  The poem that is being featured is titled “Best Left Unspoken”.

A little back ground on the poem and in Amit’s own words: “For me, love is not about words. It’s more about how you show your love to your loved ones. For me, an act of a helping hand is show of love; the feelings cannot be spelled out. It can only be shown by acts of kindness, or sometimes the feelings are read in the eyes and/or in the faces”. In my words it can’t get better than that!

Anyway, I have attempted in adding a cover photograph and music video that adds to this story line. The song title is “Touch Me in the Morning(2) by the Diana Ross. The YouTube video was uploaded on Apr 6, 2006 by motownbaby.

I hope everyone has a magnificent and joyful New Year’s celebration and please show Amit all the Google plus love and support you have give.

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Best Left Unspoken
Every time I think of you,
I feel the tenderness of your heart
Which never fails to mesmerize me
The more I tried to describe your beauty
I always found it less - much, much less
For your love cannot be measured by words;
The feelings I have for you cannot be uttered
Truth is, words lack power to carry
The weight of our divine emotions
So the last thing I want to say,
From the bottom of my heart, is:
My soul blooms when I talk with you,
Then the world around me is never the same
For it is only filled with happiness
So, it's best to leave our love unspoken

© copyright by Amit Herlekar

Love and Peace Always Diana
1.)   Photography: Copyright Sam Chinigo
2.)   Video: Touch Me in the Morning”.

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