Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oblivion the Movie featuring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freedman #MOVIE #REVIEW

Oblivion (1)

A Sci-Fi movie “Oblivion” which features, Tom Cruise and Morgan Freedman, and in my humble opinion it was well acted! Bravo! Who can every find fault or poor performances by these two? The cinema photography was amazing and the storyline was complicated but you can follow it. 

personally and in general, am not a huge fan of Sci-Fi storylines because it leaves you with gaps that need to be figured out. My son was with me and he broke it down at the very end. It is very action pack and has a romantic side bar…It was a good entertaining couple of hours…I would recommend seeing it.
Peace Diana

1. Photograph: Oblivion.|oblivion+movie|Brand|G_Oblivion_Release&sky=ggl|oblivion+movie|Brand|G_Oblivion_Release