Monday, April 29, 2013

The Lack of Responsible Decision Making - Nancy Lanza. #OPINION

Nancy Lanza (1)

This post is strictly based on my opinion. It was developed over time via listening to CNN and reading all the news commentary resulting from the aftermath of this event. I will reference one post (2); I was having a debate on Facebook with a family member about guns and have decided to extend it to my Blog. The debate begins; do we change our laws to afford more gun control? Do we lock our kids up in schools and add guards/police in every school? Do we arm our teachers? Do we discuss the true problem and that is the lack of support for mental illness, bullying and community involvement? Or just waste everyone’s time and leave this problem unaddressed as usual?

The facts on the CT massacre have changed dramatically over time; I am going to outline from a very limit point of view of all the facts that I can ascertain in order to get my point across. It appears like we are starting to get a general picture on some of the “Whys?”
1.      Adam Lanza was initially diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome which based on my limited knowledge and research is the higher functioning disorder type of altruism. It is a biological dysfunction from birth and there have been many studies which do not show that people with this syndrome would be capable of premeditated mass murder. So, there is a strong possibility, this man was miss-diagnosed. In addition, it has come out that he was not taking any kind of medication, going to any kind of therapy or psychiatric interface. He more than likely was cruelly bullied at school and his mother pulled him out of school trying to help; however, further isolating him and removing him from any potential access to mental health help via the education system and or social interactions. The mother seemed paranoid and delusional, as well, concerning an impending “economic collapse” and in response, stock piled weapons, food and water. She continued making bad judgment concerning the boy’s mental health, by taking him to gun ranges to learn how to handle the guns, even storing the guns in Adams room. Finally, she would leave him alone for days and night.

2.      This is the problem and mental health, bullying and community involvement should be the focus of our debate. We need more accessible mental health care resources. Parents should not have to wait until the child’s behavior progresses into a threatening stage to be able to get this care. We as a national community must work very hard to eliminate bullying at all levels of society. This is a cultural problem and get involved, take the time!!!

3.      Secondly, guns with more than a five shell clip needs to be banned unless for work ….police…army ect…

4.      Finally, we are locking our kids up in school because Washington cannot make a morale decision and armed people will not solve the problem. If this is the direction, then I predict a tragic shootout by someone who “thought” he was fixing it, but doesn’t because he does have the tools (i.e. experience and training) of a security professional.

(c) Copywrite by Diana Mary Sharpton

1. Photograph: Nancy Lanza.
2. Full Story:Stanglin,Doug. Adam Lanza's mom was alarmed by his gruesome images. USA Today. 8, 2013. 04/29/2013.