Thursday, May 9, 2013

Long Hair – No Matter What Age

Older Woman w/Hair Style (1)
I was recently reading an article about women over 50 and the appropriate hair styles for this “age group”. Those are fighting words honey. Well, you and I both know that I ran to get on the computer to express myself. Who really cares? And the fashion police need to get it “REAL”. Today, women (I really speak for myself, my girlfriends and yes I polled them all) go by what makes us feel “Sexy” and “You Know”.

The article claimed that women close to retirement (i.e. 50 and older) should not consider long hair because although it looks good from behind, halleluiah when the head turns! It’s the neck area, according to the article, which time beats to death, would be exaggerated and that the best hairstyles to under emphasize this area should be “short up to should length”. So help me understand. I just see “more” neck with shorter haircuts. I am just simple like that!

I feel that the expectation that women cut their hair once they turn 50 is archaic and age compartmentalization. What, we need to signal to the world that it’s over or something? No, I have never felt as sensual and comprehend who and what I fancy and aspire to do, as right here and right NOW. Move it to the left, if you look at me from behind and want to seduce me but jump in a rabbit hole when you see my face, don’t look!

I will continue being sexy and I own it until I die and I promise you that my hairstyle will be whatever entices and enhances my personality!

Beautiful Women with Long Hair:

Older Lady w/Long Hair (2)

Peace Diana

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1. Photographs: Older Woman w/Long Hair Style.
2. Photograph: Older Woman w/Long Hair Style.