Thursday, September 5, 2013

Zendaya Sings-Replay

Zendaya-Replay (1)
I say that the longest moments appear to be those when time spans between two endpoints are the shortest. This has been a short work week in the literal since however the longest in space and time. Let’s just say I am glad Friday is upon me.

I have been down in the dumps for many reasons but it’s all short term I sure of it. The exciting news is that I found a new sexy artist and I am excited about sharing her sound with you. She is definitely a youngster, born in 1996, which makes her at the ripe age of seventeen. The name of the artist Zendaya and the song I am going to feature is titled “Replay(2).

We will be seeing a lot from her in the years to come as she blows up into a sexy super star. Yep I said it!

Peace Diana

1) Photograph: Zendaya-Replay.
2.) Video: Zendaya-Replay.