Friday, October 25, 2013

Grown-Ups Only #MUSICVIDEO “Out of Control Ft. HURT” by Calvin Harris & Alesso #ElectronicDance


It’s Friday and tomorrow begins my new voluntary track on the Wendy Davis for governor campaign here in Dallas, Texas. I will be occupied to say the least with “Saving Texas” and it is exciting because this is my first experience doing this kind of work. So, with no further ado let me introduce my post.

Calvin Harris, a Scottish DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer from Dumfries, United Kingdom and Alesso, a Swedish DJ and electronic dance music producer have collaborated on the music video I am going to present tonight. The genre is listed as electronic dance, music. The video which is VERY sexy (WARNING FOR GROWN-UPS) was just published on VEVO and YOUTUBE Oct 21, 2013.The title of the song is “Out of Control ft. HURT”(2).

Hope you’re having a great evening and thank for all your love and support of all things Diana. It is very flattering and much appreciated.

Peace Diana

2.) Video: Calvin Harris & Alesso - Under Control ft. Hurts.