Thursday, November 7, 2013

“Twin Stars” #POETRY by Terry Oneil P with Hayley Westenra's “Shenandoah” #MUSICVIDEO

Twin_Moons (1)
My featured guest tonight is +Terry Oneil P . He is an eloquent, intelligent, decent, gentleman and good friend that lives in Flint shire, Wales, UK. We share the love of poetry and horses and met here on Google Plus. His is a manager of an Amenity Horticulture business and lists his skills Propagator and Poet. Terry’s Tagline: can be quoted as “Loves wife + family, soccer, writes poetry. Likes to learn about other countries + cultures” and he lists his Bragging Right: as “Wicked sense of humor, cares very much for the world, her people and loves the natural beauty”. I am featuring one of his incredible heartfelt poems titled “Twin Stars”.

To accompany this stunning poem is his favorite singer, Hayley Westenra. She is from Christchurch, New Zealand with a music genre that would be considered classical crossover pop. The song Terry selected is titled “Shenandoah” or “Across the Wide Missouri(2). This song is a traditional American folk song dating back to the 19th century; however this beautiful young woman’s incredible voice adds tone that reminds me of music from traditional Celtic origins. The song was released by Decca Music Group on February 26, 2007 and it is a track listed on her special edition album titled “Celtic Treasure”. The video was uploaded on YouTube in 2007 by Sqid101.

Twin Stars
I will search my soul before I die.
For there-in will be such precious themes.
Eyes will scan the jet black sky.
The only light is the moon's silvery beams.
And when I see them my heart will know.
The twin stars together, alike in every way.
Beautifully joined, making a gentle glow.
Charmed by words of the heart they say.
Joined forever though miles apart.
Many different loves can rest within.
Forever twin stars live in my heart.
The last time I see them, my tears will begin.
I love them dearly, and place them in my soul.
For they mean the very world to me.
The two are one and makes a whole.
And will be so for all eternity.

By Terry O’Neil

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As Always Peace Diana
2) Video: Shenandoah,Hayley Westenra, Shenandoah.