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Love at the Break of Dawn “Come To Me” by the #Sunrise #Sunset #LovOfMyLife #MusicVideo#DianaMarysharpton

I love You (1)


"Love is a possible strength in an actual weakness."

~Thomas Hardy

I just love this romantic rock/pop song titled “Come to Me” (2) sung by an American rock band from New York called the Goo Goo Dolls. It is #18 this week on VH1 Top 20 videos and was released on July 23, 2013. The YouTube video was published on Oct 23, 2013.

Thank you for always taking the time reading my post and enjoy the music presentation. I pray you are having the best of days or nights which ever this may find you. Kisses and hugs…

"Come To Me"(3)

I'll be kind, if you'll be faithful

You be sweet and I'll be grateful
Cover me with kisses dear
Lighten up the atmosphere
Keep me warm inside our bed
I got dreams of you all through my head
Fortune teller said I'd be free
And that's the day you came to me
Came to me

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Come to me my sweetest friend
Can you feel my heart again
I'll take you back where you belong
And this will be our favorite song
Come to me with secrets bare
I'll love you more so don't be scared
When we're old and near the end
We'll go home and start again

Ooo Ooo Oooo, Ooo Ooo Oooo

I caught you burnin' photographs
Like that could save you from your past
History is like gravity
It holds you down away from me
You and me, we've both got sins
I don't care about where you've been
Don't be sad and don't explain
This is where we start again
Start again

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Come to me my sweetest friend
Can you feel my heart again
I'll take you back where you belong
And this will be our favorite song
Come to me with secrets bare
I'll love you more so don't be scared
When we're old and near the end
We'll go home and start again
Start again

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Today's the day I'll make you mine
So get me to the church on time
Take my hand in this empty room
You're my girl, and I'm your groom

Come to me my sweetest friend
This is where we start again, again

Come to me my sweetest friend
Can you feel my heart again
Take you back where you belong
This will be our favorite song
Come to me with secrets bare
I'll love you more so don't be scared
When we're old and near the end
We'll go home and start again (yeah)
Start again (yeah)

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Peace and Love Always Diana

1.)    Photograph: I Love You.
2.)    Video: Come to Me.
3.)    Lyrics: Come to Me.

Sci-Fi Book Segment by the Brilliant Myron J. Dansby with "Dark Ambient Space Music" #MUSICVIDEO

Sci-Fi Wallpaper (1)
I would like to introduce a friend, writer and gentleman Myron J. Dansby as my guest tonight. He writes Sci-Fi books and below you will find an excerpt of his novel titled "Phobius to Phobia Book two of the Phobian” book series. Myron has a disability which hinders him in his efforts to write; however will and sheer tenacity pushes him onward. As you can see he is brilliantly successful as a result.

He lists his Bragging Rights as: "I lived to see my 40s so far and growing". 

The music video added to accompany Myron's Sci-Fi piece it is titled "Dark Ambient Space Music"(2) and was uploaded onto YouTube three years ago by Simon Wilkinson.


A Segment of Phobius To Phobia Book two of the Phobian series
By Myron J. Dansby
The deep Star was on its dally patrol under the waters outside the continent of Zyantha when they received a transmission from the High Command.

The orders told them one of their agents in the city of Naphrian had got married to a local woman named Janit.

It said that he had missed his check in call and they were ordered to go check it out. The standard orders of taking extreme caution and no interference was also there.

Also included was a special not that said, Zane Vangar is stepping down from the thrown leaving his son Zyphan as the new Zane.

Later that evening they arrived there but they didn't surface until dark.

Just before dark Captain Ramses called the away team commander up onto the bridge gave him his orders, then when the sun disappeared they surfaced and let them out about 500 feet off the coastline of the continent.

The commander of the away team is a mid-sized man with jet black hair, dark green eyes, he is in his late twenties, slightly heavy set - most of which is mussel and he commanded three others.

The raft was a rubber made boat, one with a single engine on its aft side, once the raft dropped them off, the pilot of the raft then said "Phanyor, don't be late again, Please!" then he turned the engine around and speed back to the sub.

The commander looked at one of his team members then said, "that happened only once - why won't they let it die?"

  "They know you, that's why Phanyor!" his second in command answered.
 As the raft speed off it made little to no noise, only a low pitched humming sound which had died away rather quickly.
  after Phanyor and the other three reached the outer edge of the forest that surround the city, they stripped down making sure that they turned their close inside out, then redressed, the jet black outer suit lining then became the inner lining of a light gray.

 The jet black lining was for moving around in areas that no one’s shouldn't be at while the light gray side gave them the ability to move freely throughout heavily populated areas without attracting attention and still giving them the abilities to hide if they need too.

  Then he dug a small hole with a small garden shovel and dropped a small microchip into it, replaced the dirt and covered it up with dead grass, dead leaves and sticks.

 They each synchronized their watches and made their way into the city, two entered in the side while Phanyor and another entered into the southern part of the dark city.

They fallowed the first street for three blocks before his partner turned down a side street.
He fallowed it for ten blocks before he came to a crosswalk that had a “don't walk” sign lit up.
  There were a couple of men standing across the street talking. "--------- yes and did you know that Captain Tesla had arrived today?"
  "No I didn't - man I really feel sorry for those Nycrian's now!"
 "I don't, I think that they have been pushing people around for far far far too long and it’s about time someone put them into their proper place?"
  "Agreed! By clamping down on them we might even be able to end this war, I heard that Admiral Suzan Bell is in town to do just that to!"
 "That I know is true, i was there when she got off the Iron horse!
"That thing is here too?"
"It’s her ship - it goes wherever she does, form what I hear!"
"Say! Do you by any chance know what's happening in the northern part of the city?"
"No - all I heard was a Solger asking about a military officer that disappeared but that's it why?"
 "Because they are searching everything and everyone up their!"
 "Really, I do hope they find what their looking for before they get down here!"
  Phanyor started across the street as he took out a small piece of paper which only had the name and address of one Halk Knight on it, and then he fallowed a tracking device which was built into his watch - right to that address.
  The home was a small place, dark in color, totally surrounded by flowers of a wide verity of shapes and types.
 he knocked on the door and a lady answered it, she appeared to be in her early thirties and she was holding a large silver ladle in her left hand like she planned on hitting someone, Phanyor then stepped back slightly as he said, "hi, are you Janit - Halk's wife?"
  "Yes, can I help you?"
 "I'm Phill, his younger brother, is he home?"
 "Come on in - he's in the living room!"
 She then stepped aside as Phanyor looked at the ladle he entered the front room, he throw a glance around - then asked, "Should I wait here?"
 She simply said 'please' then he sat down on the couch, Janit closed the door, turned around and went to the door on the other side of the room and said "dear, there's a young man here named Phill - he claims to be a relative - a younger brother of yours!"
 A chubby man entered into the room, the man also appeared to be in his late thirties and he had a light brownish color to his hair.
Phanyor stood up as halk entered the room and approached him but as he had started to go by Janit - she said, "Kayl's sleeping and I have to finish supper - so stay quiet and out of the way!"
"Yes dear, we'll go to the office to talk how long until supper anyway?"
"About a half hour!' then she looked at Phanyor and asked, “would you like to join us?" but she didn't wait for answer before saying, "I thought you would!" then she left the room.
Halk lead the way to the basement area and into his office.
Phanyor went over to a chair, sat down as Halk closed the door and turned around.
he held up his hand as to stop Phanyor from saying anything, then went over to his desk, pressed down a button on the bottom side of it lowest shelf and to do it his palm had to be facing upwards, sense the button was under the lowest shelf facing the floor.
A few seconds later there was a clicking sound, "Phanyor? What brings you to Naphrian?"
  "You do Marduss! Tell me, do you happen to know what is going on out there?"
"Sure do!"
"Grate! What?"
"It’s a long story Phanyor!"
"Well we have until sun rise to hear it but first tell me. Would she have hit me with that thing?"
"Oh no, she wouldn't hurt a fly even if it flat out asked her to, but she would have nursed it back to health!"
"So what is happening out there? Why did you miss the contact time?"
"I was just a little bit busy! That's all!"
"Doing what?"
 He smiled and then went over to a table in the far right corner of the room, the table appeared to be one island that protruded out of the walls southern corner in an angle, it was five feet long and four feet wide.
"I was investigating a couple of things that i heard, and well, one thing lead to another, before i knew it I was in a little too deep!"
"A little too deep, just how little is a little too deep? And was it worth it?"
"To deep and yes I believe it was!"
After he reached the table he pressed down on a not, the knot looked like it couldn't move at all but it did and it unlocked the table top.
 When he opened it, it revealed a sold steal safe inside and he opened that up which revealed a briefcase, inside that was some papers that looked like official documents with the symbol of a island in the upper right corner.
The island was located just outside the continent of Dizanta, there were others with several names on them as well.
 He then handed all them over to Phanyor and said, "I do believe that you will agree with me on this Phanyor!' as Phanyor took the papers Halk added, 'start with these!"
Phanyor looked the papers over, as he did his eyes got wider and wider, Marduss continued on, 'there are detailed plans to a new type of ship - the schematics and pictures of it, plus detailed records of both of the nations, United Isles and the Zycrian's - there resources and their abilities to wage war!" then Marduss sat down behind his desk as Phanyor then asked; "how on Phobius did you get close enough to copy these without getting caught?"
 "I didn't!"
"You didn't what, copy them or get caught?"
"Then how did you get them?"
"It was an accident, totally by chance that I got them and it's a long story to!"
"Simplify it for me; I would love to hear it!"
"Well first I heard about a ship with ears about two months ago!"
Phanyor smiled, and then said, "A ship with ears? that would look rather funny don't you think?"
"extremely funny, yes, but that's the rumor!"
"They must mean sonar?"
"That would be my guest to! Anyway, they also have been talking about several top officers that arrived recently at the naval yard, the two most prominent being an Admiral named Suzan Bell and a captain named Tesla Vastal.  so I came down here to try to see if the scanner could find anything out but all I got was kid bits here and there, sporadic at best and all of those were incomplete as well, so I dug out my Majors uniform and used it to nose around, all I saw was several ships at dock and anchor just off the coast, some were new arrivals to, but they all had more or less the same battered look a war ship has in a time of war."
"Nothing out of the ordinary then?"
"Not one thing! I wondered around looking at the ship and listening to tidbits of conversations for a while, they have a fleet of submarines Phanyor - there small and they are called subsurface craft not to mention they also have some crud two winged air plane called a by-plane with limited range."
"You’re joking right?"
"not at all, they brought is several of them, over the past couple of years for the war effort and they seem to be doing rather well with them, anyway the tidbits of conversations i heard led me to the base hospital, the plain was to walk around and lessen to conversations going on around me but it didn't end up like that!"
"What happened?"
"I arrived, lessened and blended in rather nicely for about one haft hour!"
"Did you learn anything?"
"Sure did!"
"A privet broke his right arm while repairing a brick wall, a sergeant got his leg caught in a hole onboard his ship, there somewhat low on supplies and the Zycrian's launched a large frontal assault last night, plus the flue is running amuck besides that the only thing that happened was they brought in a man that was injured, clutching a briefcase, who saw me or rather my uniform then he handed it to me and told me to take it to Admiral Suzan Bell. I simple smiled then took the key to the handcuffs - removed it from his wrist placed it on mine said, 'good soldier, asked his name so i could tell the Admiral and left quickly, I came home hid both the uniform and briefcase then went to get Janit from work, we went to a nice coffee shop and a couple of people came in talking about the military stopping all shipping and is searching everyone and everything on the northeastern side of the city while the Army closed off the land side of the city. at that point I faked a yawn - said that it was one long day and we came home, Janit started supper and I told her that I needed to clean up what i was doing down here before I took a nap. Once I got down here I picked the locks and found all this inside it!"
 Phanyor's eyes opened wide as he asked, "and when was that?"
"This evening!"
"yeah, well, you're time is about up anyway so i think that its time you took Janit to Arkonda and showed her around there!"
 "Personally I agree with you on that but i don't think that Janit would go for it!"
"We could ask her or we could spike something of hers and ask her onboard the Deep Star!"
"Let’s play it safe - I’ll spike her nightly drink and go from there!"
"We’ll leave right after supper sense Janit did go through all that effort to invite Phill Nights to eat!"
When Janits voice came through the speaker about three minutes later announcing supper they were talking about the weather.

Please give Myron a warm google plus welcome, love and support.

Peace Diana

2.) Video: Dark Ambient Space Music.

“DarkChrizy” Brilliant Singer, Songwriter with her version of "Radioactive" #MUSICVIDEO

DarkChrizy (1)
I would like to introduce a beautiful and talented guest tonight by the name of Christiane L√§rm. She is a singer song writer born in Wunsiedel and now living in Kulmbach, Germany and her stage name is “DarkChrizy”. She sings for a living back in her country at weddings and events.

Christiane believes in music as a essence of her spirit and soul and to quote her “When I sing, that's with passion, heart and soul”. She lists her Bragging Rights: "Music opens to the human an unknown realm, a world that has nothing in common with the outer sensory world that surrounds him and in which all feelings can be attributed to indulge in an unspeakable desire". 

The video that is being featured is titled "Radioactive"(2)
 (Pianoversion by Sing2Piano) and it was upload on YouTube 3 months ago .

Web Page “Let My Voice into Your Heart”

 Please give this young woman a warm google plus welcome, love and support.

Peace Diana

1.) Photographs: DarkChrizy.
2.) Video: Radioactive.