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"A Timeless Love" #Poetry by +DiAnne Anderson w/Bon Jovi's “Thank You For Loving Me” #MUSICVIDEO #DianaMarySharpton

Paris Kiss (1)
Love has no number.” ~ Anthony Liccione

Sometimes it is all about the music; however on special occasions it's about the rhyme.  My guest today is the superb poet DiAnne Anderson from Minnesota, USA.  DiAnne has developed a beautiful #Poetry blog titled “Storm Angel with the Heart of Love” and is relatively new to Google Plus. So this presentation is also an introduction. The poem that is being featured is titled “A Timeless Love”.

DiAnne Anderson (1)
In DiAnne’s own words: “Born and raised in Minnesota where the summers are hot and the winters are extremely cold where I am presently living, with plans on moving to a more weather stable state very soon.

I started writing poems and short stories when I was twelve years old. When I was sixteen I had a very heartbreaking experience happen in my life and it caused me to stop writing for many years. I only started writing again this last October (2013), again by having another heartbreaking experience, the loss of my father.

I have a love for beautiful words but, beautiful words have never come easy to me. When they do, they flow right from my heart and I can’t contain them so I just start writing. I have learned that how words come to each writer is different for each writer but, each writer has their own style of sincere beauty. I love to read and I try to read everything I see, by reading others beautiful words it also brings inspiration to me. 

This quote has been my favorite for a very long time and it’s how I live my life.
I will forever love hard and completely for the only thing more terrifying than the consequences is the thought of losing that part of my soul.

The best advice I have ever been given and also words I live my life by.
When it hurts, give more. Give through the pain.””. In my words talent is the splendor of a creative mind and we all rejoice at its introduction, watch out world!!!

I have attempted in adding a cover photograph and music video that adds to this story line that inspired DiAnne in writing this poem “A Timeless Love” and its infinite elements of intimate human interaction. The song title is “Thank You For Loving Me(2) by the brilliant and talented singer Bon Jovi. The YouTube video was uploaded on Jun 16, 2009 by BonJoviVEVO.

I hope everyone is having a magnificent and joyful Thursday and please show DiAnne all the Google plus love and support you have to give and “plus” more.

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A Timeless Love
 By: DiAnne Anderson

Deep in the night as he lay in his dreams,
she floats to him on beautiful moonbeams,
she kisses and caresses him oh so sweet,
as her love for him runs so very deep.

As she feels him awake from his slumber sleep,
she sees the love in his eyes, it makes her weep,
for he touches her body, her soul and her mind,
their love is the only thing they feel in that time.

Light finger touches, he runs down her spine,
he smiles as she lets out her little love whine,
as he whispers in her ear, “You are mine.”
their heartbeats take on the same beat of time.

Sliding his hands against her silky skin,
sends her into another world as he watches he grins,
their love for each other only deepens within.
the melody of their love like the beautiful music of a violin.

As he caresses her body, her soul and her mind,
in the sweet love they make they get lost in time,
as they fall into exhaustion he says in a sweet rhyme,
“My love, you are mine, I will love you for all of time.”

© copyright by DiAnne Anderson

Love and Peace Always Diana

1.)  Photography: DiAnne Anderson.
2.)  Photography: paris-kiss.
3.)  Video: Bon Jovi - Thank You For Loving Me.

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