Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday's Ditty “I Wanna Know” by JOE #Musicvideo #DianaMarySharpton

The shortest distance between two people is a story.” 

― Patti Digh

Joe, a singer, song-writer and record producer from Columbus, Georgia, is my featured artist for this evening. I love the mellow tones in the song titled “I Wanna Know(2). It’s the eigth track from his album titled “The Wood” This particular song is considered an R&B genre and uploaded on YouTube Oct 25, 2009 by JoeVEVO .

I Wanna Know(3)
Yeah, oh yeah
Alright, oh, oh, oh

It's amazing how you knock me off my feet, hmm
Everytime you come around me I get weak, oh yeah
Nobody ever made me feel this way, oh
You kiss my lips and then you take my breath away
So I wanna know

 I wanna know what turns you on
So I can be all that and more
I'd like to know what makes you cry
So I can be the one who always makes you smile

Girl he never understood what you were worth, hmm no
And he never took the time to make it work
(You deserve more loving, girl)
Baby I'm the kind of man who shows concern, yes I do, oh
Anyway that I can please you let me learn
So I wanna know

Tell me what I gotta do to please you
Baby anything you say I'll do
Cause I only wanna make you happy
From the bottom of my heart, it's true

I wish that I could take a journey through your mind, alright
And find emotions that you always try to hide babe, oh
I do believe that there's a love you wanna share, oh, oh
I'll take good care of you lady, have no fear, oh
So I wanna know

Thank you for your continued support and I hope you have a blessed as safe work week.

Peace and Love Always Diana
I want to know Sug... what turns you on :)

1.)    Photography: http://www.angelfire.com/ma4/purereflections/iwannaknow.html
2.)    Video: I Wanna Know. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ8VjyPw0qY
3.)     Lyrics:http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/joe/iwannaknow.html

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