Saturday, February 15, 2014

WOW PISSED OFF & Brand New!!! “Nicki Minaj - Lookin Ass (Explicit)" #MUSICVIDEO

Nicki Minaj (1)
Oh man I just have to do it and once your check this video out you will see why. All I can say is DAMMED; SHE IS PISSED OFF “Nicki Minaj - Lookin Ass (Explicit)"(2). The video is in an EXPLICIT RAP genre, one day old and was uploaded on YOUTUBE, Feb 14, 2014 by NickiMinajAtVEVO.

Thank you for your continued support. I pray you are having a blessed weekend.

Peace and Love Always Diana

1.)   Photograph: Nicki Minaj.
2.)   Video: Nicki Minaj - Lookin Ass (Explicit)

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